When you fill in your information online, in a form or in any other type of survey, you may think that everything happens automatically. But the truth is that often a lot of manual work is required in order to administer a digital application. So how can you make your business more effective, when it comes to handling administration?

To begin with, it is important to understand the core of digitization, or rather that automation of processes is about two things. One is to capture the data and the information as early as possible and the other is to enable automated processes based on the information you collected about the customer or the case.

Klas- Magnus Hilberth

Founder, Sweet Systems

What should I do to make my business more effective?

Let your business department be responsible for managing and improving the automation work with tools they feel comfortable with. Let your customers’ needs for development and change, control your priorities. Your IT department should create rationalizations for interaction and architecture. Is it hard? Not really, but it is definitely a business issue and it requires a lot of work. The potential is fantastic and the increased efficiency is incredibly significant.

We strongly believe in the financial sector in this respect, we also see a huge potential in the construction sector and the real estate industry. Or why not in all types of industries?

Klas-Magnus Hilberth

Founder, Sweet Systems