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Sweet Systems is a leading provider of digital tools for case management, digital forms, and business process automation. And Synkzone is a leading provider of data protection solutions and secure encrypted storage.

Together, Sweet and Synkzone have created a solution for case management for sensitive information using digital tools to handle cases with sensitive personal and company data, fully encrypted.

Case management for sensitive information, documents, and forms

Sweet/Synkzone offers a solution that is ideally suited for managing cases involving more sensitive information. Sensitive information may include patient records, company data, personal information, financial data, classified information, or other data that individually or collectively requires enhanced protection. Together, we provide encrypted cloud storage with authentication, access control, and secure storage in Sweden. When everything is finalized, the case is archived securely with all information.

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Manage cases digitally, even when the data is sensitive

Information security is at the core of secure case management, ensuring that only the right individuals have access to their cases.

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All cases, forms, and documents are secured

We securely handle all your storage of case information, documents, and forms

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Access contol and authentication of users

Feel confident that only the right individuals have access to cases, documents, and forms.

Encrypted storage, in the cloud

Everything stored in our cloud is encrypted to ensure the integrity and security of the information.

Säker ärendehantering med Sweet / Synkzone

How secure case management works

After a user authenticates themselves in Sweet through Synkzone, they have access to the cases, files, communication, and form responses they are authorized for.

  1. At its core, there’s a user-friendly and stable case management system where cases can be created in various ways.
  2. Sweet and Synkzone integrate user management, allowing Sweet to obtain information about who has what permissions.
  3. To gain access to, for example, a case or a file, one needs to belong to the zone* where the information or files are located.
  4. Someone with authorization can also invite others who need access to the content, ensuring that individuals only have access to the information they require and are involved with.
  5. You can store all types of sensitive data, such as files, documents, images, contracts, information, or secure access-required Sweet Forms form responses, in Sweet alongside Synkzone.

*Zones are cryptographically separated storage areas that function as groupings where access is controlled for different objects. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Yes, it’s excellent!

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Produktblad Sweet Synkzone

Download our PDF summarizing secure case management with Sweet/Synkzone for sharing with colleagues or for your own reference.

Here, you will find everything you need to know to quickly grasp and engage with the secure case management solution, including specifications and explanations.

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Blog post

Säker ärendehantering med Sweet / Synkzone

Read our blog post on how encrypted storage of documents and digital forms enables secure handling of sensitive data.

With Sweet/Synkzone, it’s possible to store sensitive data in a case management system in the cloud without compromising information security.


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Webinar Sweet Synkzone

Tap into our latest webinar where secure encrypted storage, together with Synkzone, was one of the hottest topics on the agenda. In a webinar format, you’ll get a vivid description of the benefits of Sweet/Synkzone combined.

You’ll have the opportunity to listen to Sweet’s product team and Synkzone’s CEO during the webinar.

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Product sheet

Sweet CRM case management

Download our product sheet for case management where you can learn more about the case process, features and support, integrations, as well as details such as infrastructure, storage, and user management, and more.

The most comprehensive resource.

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Säker lagring av Sweet Forms med Synkzone

Check out our flyer to read more or share concise information with others about what secure case management could mean for your organization.

Here, you can learn about storage, encryption, and how to achieve the goal of securely managing even sensitive cases digitally.

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