Here, you can access Sweet’s resources in the form of product sheets and manuals for Sweet’s various solutions. In each product sheet, you will find the platform’s features, an overview of the process, integration possibilities, user management, security, and other valuable information! Read and enjoy, then feel free to get in touch with us!

Sweet Forms product sheet

Sweet Automation

Sweet Automation integrationer API

Explore a comprehensive product description detailing Sweet Automation’s features, use cases, platform capabilities, and our top solution recommendations.

Sweet Forms

Sweet forms integrationer API

Dive into Sweet Form’s product description to gain a deeper understanding of supported features, processes, and examples of the best ways to use digital forms for data collection.

Sweet for sales

Sweet CRM sales pipeline

Discover how to leverage Sweet for sales and effectively structure your sales efforts from goal setting and management to day-to-day activities.

Sweet for marketing

Sweet marketing form flow

Learn how to use Sweet for marketing to organize your marketing efforts and seamlessly communicate with your customers.

Sweet Performance

Sweet Performance dashboard

Find out how easily you can create and share visually appealing and user-friendly dashboards to better understand your results with Sweet Performance.

Sweet manual

Sweets manualer

Explore the features of Sweet’s platform in our user manuals, where you can step-by-step learn how to use the platform, modify settings, add integrations, and more.

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