Sweet Performance

Performance measurement made easy

Creating tailor-made dashboards

Say goodbye to outdated, one-size-fits-all dashboards that fail to align with your unique needs. Sweet Performance empowers you to take control and construct personalized charts and dashboards that precisely cater to your requirements and preferences. No coding or technical know-how necessary – it’s a DIY experience! Sweet Performance is the ultimate follow-up tool for those who want performance measurement to be quick and easy.

Product sheet

User friendly dashbaords

It’s easy to use and build your dashboards without being an BI-expert

Custom made follow-up

Build custom charts and dashboards to meet your requirements and preferences

Share the insights

Share your dashboard with all relevant stakeholders, or show it in Sweet CRM

Unifying data with integrations

Use various integrations or sources and bring all your data together in one unified place

Integrate and visualize data from your CRM, Digital Forms, and more

Our dashboard tool empowers you to explore, analyze, and interpret your data, unlocking valuable insights that can drive your organization forward. We understand that data resides in different systems within your organization, and that’s why our dashboard seamlessly integrates with Sweet CRM, Digital Forms, Automation and other data sources. It should be easy analysing your sales, service and marketing performance!

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