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E-signing provider for digital signing and authentication

Unlock the power of a fully digital cusotmer journey with Scrives secure and compliant solutions for electronic signatures and identification, tailored to meet the diverse demands of the European market. Seamlessly integrated with Sweet’s Digital Forms, our partnership delivers a seamless customer experience where you can build and design forms and have them answered and signed digitally.

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Encrypted storage, caes management and authentication

With Synkzone, we offer secure case management, encrypted storage, and authentication. Store your files and documents from Sweet CRM or Forms on a fully encrypted storage area divided into zones with access control. Once the information is secured, even the most sensitive cases can be handled digitally with confidence. Synkzone is a Swedish provider with a focus on IT security, and together, we create hyper-secure solutions for your business.
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Information provider to collect and validate information

Roaring empowers businesses to ensure accurate customer information and streamline data collection and validation processes, seamlessly integrating with Sweet’s Digital Forms or CRM to manage the customer journey efficiently.

Authentication and e-signing provider

Experience a fully digital customer journey with Signicats secure and compliant solutions for electronic signatures and identification. Seamlessly integrated with Sweet’s Digital Forms, our partnership delivers a seamless customer experience, allowing you to build, design, and digitally answer and sign forms.

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The right tool for marketers

Spotler equips proactive marketers with the tools they need to captivate their audience, satisfy their customers, and enhance their business operations. Spotler assists both marketing and customer service professionals by offering bespoke solutions for each department’s specific requirements, adapting to individual company and sector demands.
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Provides AML, KYC, and market surveillance for financial crime prevention.

Trapets är ett mjukvaruföretag som erbjuder produkter och lösningar för att förebygga finansiell brottslighet, inklusive mot penningtvätt (AML), kundkännedom (KYC) och marknadsövervakning.

Sedan grundandet år 2000 har Trapets hjälpt organisationer att möta regulatoriska krav för affärsmässig framgång och bekämpa finansiell brottslighet under decennier. Vi har förtroende från över 500 företag, från små finansinstitut till reglerande myndigheter, och har erkänts som ett av de topp 100 RegTech-företagen globalt.

Trapets har fler än 70 anställda i Stockholm, Hanoi och London.

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