Use cases

Our solutions can be used for so many purposes, here you can find some of the areas of use where we have become experts in our field. We love helping out with automating processes like onboarding, sales and customer service!


At Sweet, we understand the significance of a solid and efficient KYC workflow. Our customizable online forms simplify the collection of KYC data, preferably together with information providers to populate public information automatically. By minimizing the manual information required, you save time and reduce the risk of errors. With our advanced rules engine and automation tool, answers are accurately interpreted, ensuring compliance with regulations. Experience enhanced accuracy, reduced risk, and a seamless KYC process with Sweet Digital Forms.

Faster onboarding

Reduce the time to complete KYC’s and enable automation for smooth customer onboarding

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Security top of mind

Ensure data integrity by requiring authentication and usage of e-signing to finish a form

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Customizable with DIY

Regulations and laws tend to change. With DIY you can change the digital forms yourself

Data accuracy

Get and verify beneficial ownership and politically exposed persons (PEP) etc. using information providers

Seamless integrations for data accuracy and security

You want your data to be correct, accurate and secured. Collaborating with industry-leading providers like Roaring for information validation and collection, and Scrive or Signicat for secure authentication and e-signing, we offer a robust KYC solution. Additionally, we help you integrate your KYC process with your existing systems or Sweet CRM, ensuring customers are updated or created. Our automation engine ensures regular data updates, keeping you compliant effortlessly. When all pieces come together, you can reach the sweet spot

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Sweet Forms and KYC AML

Nordnet automated its customer journey from KYC and beyond

By combining digital data collection with forms and our rule engine, Nordnet was able to automate previously manual tasks and processes, providing instant feedback to customers, resulting in an over 50% improved conversion rate compared to before.

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Your one chance to make a first impression

The customer onboarding process is a critical moment to create a lasting impression and establish a strong foundation for a successful customer relationship. It’s a pivotal and vulnerable stage where even minor obstacles or incidents can hinder progress. At Sweet, we understand the significance of simplifying the customer journey. With our Digital Forms combined with Automation we ensure that becoming a customer is a seamless process, whether it involves a comprehensive application with specific criteria or a streamlined procedure where customers anticipate minimal time investment.

Use available information

Utilize existing information, saving customers time by eliminating the need to provide known data

Streamline onboarding

Automate and optimize the customer journey, ensuring timely activities and effective communication

Iterate as you learn

Adjust and enhance your onboarding process based on new insights about your customers

Accelerate time to market

Digitize your applications and leverage automated rules for streamlined decision-making

Streamline customer onboarding for higher conversions

Simplify and streamline the customer onboarding process with Digital Forms and Automation. Easily collect necessary data and define rules for the next steps. By minimizing barriers and providing a seamless onboarding journey, you can increase conversion rates and foster valuable customer relationships. Our solution supports customers in providing the right information, validates data for fewer completions, and offers digital signing for quick application completion. Experience hassle-free onboarding and watch your conversion rates soar.

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Nordnet automated their customer journey

By combining digital data collection and our rules engine, Nordnet could automate previously manual tasks and processes and give direct response to customers – leading to over 50 % better conversion rate than before.

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Customer service

Happy customers never contact support? That’s not always true. In fact, support interactions can play a crucial role in strengthening relationships and increasing satisfaction. We understand the importance of providing a smooth and easy support experience while also leveraging these interactions as learning opportunities for your business. By proactively addressing issues and making necessary improvements to your products or services, you can foster more satisfied customers. Sweet offers accessible data and intuitive follow-up tools for continuous learning so your support interactions also contribute to your overall business learning process.

Do you handle sensitive information? Learn more about Sweet’s and Synkzone’s secure case management.

Respond faster

Ensure fast response using autoreplies, automatic assignment and notifications

Share real-time updates

Invite your customers to a portal where they can register and follow their case in real-time

Never forget a case

Our service solution gives you a comprehensive overview and indications of overdue cases

Collaborate effortlessly

Sweet is built for collaboration among and between teams, experience the smoothness

Transform customer experience with Sweet CRM for Service

With Sweet CRM for Service, you can effortlessly collaborate with your team members and customers, sharing valuable insights and real-time updates. This ensures a consistent and extraordinary customer experience at every touchpoint. By having quick access to comprehensive customer history and details, you’ll be able to provide personalized support and resolutions with remarkable speed and accuracy. Embrace the power of automation in your service process to achieve consistency, quick responses and efficiency.

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Sweet CRM case management
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Scanjet delivers exceptional service worldwide

Shorter processing times for case management – The average time has been reduced from one week to half a day thanks to smoot collaboration and less administration and cost since introducing Sweet.

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Field service

Streamline field work with Sweet’s field service solution

Mobility and ease of use are crucial for efficient fieldwork, and that’s why Sweet’s web-based platform can be used across all your devices. Access the information you need to get the job done, whether you’re on-site or on the go. Benefit from features like planning, time reporting, assignment management, and a process bar to track the status of your work. As the cherry on top, we provide smart solutions for digital quality checklists to support your processes, where you can sign off important documents.


Seamless mobility

Access and manage your work from any device, ensuring flexibility and productivity

Planning and assignment

Easily assign service appointments and work orders, and share essential details

Progress tracking

Utilize the status bar to track the progress of your work and ensure transparency and accountability

Work order management

Register articles from your price book to maintain accurate records and streamline your processes.

Centralize information and enhance collaboration

From a planning and administrative perspective, easily assign service appointments and work orders, and share important details and documents with the right individuals. Additionally, leverage the ability to register articles from your price book to maintain accurate records of your work orders. With everything in the same place, it’s easy to streamline your way of working to increase your productivity.

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Hufvudstaden enhances customer satisfaction with Sweet

By streamlining their processes, Hufvudstaden efficiently assigns the right technicians to resolve issues, resulting in shorter response times and improved service quality. With Sweet, Hufvudstaden delivers a seamless customer experience, from easy case registration to transparent communication.

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Lead management

Mastering the art of lead management

Capturing leads is not just a task, it’s an art form that requires finesse and a delicate balance. It’s crucial to strike the right balance between capturing too much or too little information, while also understanding the nature and potential of each lead. However, once you have successfully determined the baseline, we are here to provide you with cutting-edge solutions to efficiently collect and manage those leads. Our CRM and lead management solutions are designed to streamline your lead capture and management processes.

Capture all sources

By integrating your lead sources to your CRM, you’ll be able to manage them effectively

Streamlined nurturing

Create a rule-based process so you can ensure timely and personalized engagement with your prospects

Improve conversion rate

By tracking and managing leads throughout the sales process, you can optimize your conversion rates

Better sales forecasting

By tracking leads, trends and analyzing data, you can make informed decisions and set realistic targets

Effortless lead management and nurturing with Sweet

With Sweet, integrating and gathering your lead sources becomes effortless. Our CRM empowers you to nurture your leads and plan your next steps in a structured and automated manner. Leveraging our integrations and automations engine, you can seamlessly incorporate new lead sources as your business expands and automate various aspects, from communication to activities. Take control of your lead management process and drive your business growth with Sweet.


Streamline your sales from start

Manage your sales process in Sweet CRM and unlock a comprehensive 360° view of your customers. Our collaborative solution seamlessly handles prospecting, lead management, activities, and sales management, all in one place. Additionally, when you win a deal, Sweet CRM allows for easy transformation into a project, enabling you to track time and cost. We’ll provide you with a powerful solution, available even when you’re on the go.

Boost your sales

Identify and seize opportunities by leveraging data and insights from your solutions

Flexible integrations

Leverage Sweet’s REST API to build integrations that complement your existing systems or processes

Enhanced efficiency

Automate communication or manual tasks and streamline your process to increase productivity

Customer portal

Trust in a reliable solution that protects your data by seamless communication across platforms

Step up your sales

Sweet for Sales empowers you to gain control of your sales, and gather everything you need in one place. Our CRM combined with our automation and integrations engine, enabling you to scale your business seamlessly. But we don’t stop there. To fully digitize your sales, we provide digital forms for agreements, offers, KYC (Know Your Customer), or any other forms required to convert prospects into customers. Additionally, our comprehensive performance dashboard tool allows you to transform your data into insights for effective sales management and follow-up.

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High performance for Ahlsell’s sales organization

“With the new system from Sweet Systems, it’s easier to share information about our customers in a coordinated and professional manner. I have worked with many CRM systems, and Sweet CRM is on a completely different level.”

– Agathe Børhaug, Region Manager, Ahlsell Norway

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Aftermarket sales

Extend the lifecycle value of your customers

With a structured and efficient aftermarket sales plan, you can prolong your customer’s lifetime and establish long-term relationships. By offering planned or reactive support, maintenance, additional products, or extended warranties you can grow your revenue and at the same time have an exceptional offer. We help you keep track of your offerings and activities, and help you create rules for planned interactions, like when agreements are about to reach expiration date. We’ll provide you with what you need to reach that sweet spot where your business just keeps going.

Capture the opportunity

By keeping track of the customer journey, you know when the window for new sales opens

Continue build relations

After sales are just as much relational building and service as actual sales

Competitive advantage

A strong after-market sales strategy can differentiate a business from its competitors

Customer satisfaction

By providing excellent after-sales support, you can enhance customer satisfaction

Let us guide you to the next step

Our CRM together with our powerful automation and rules engine will help you deliver great customer experience, and at the same time increase your efficiency and revenue. Having a plan in key, but delivering upon it is what make the difference. We empower you with tools to keep track of important dates,you’re your business opportunities and handle support in the same place. You will have a 360° view of your customer guiding your business in the right direction, as automatically and rule based as possible.

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Scanjet delivers great after sales world wide

Scanjet commit to deliver spare parts and service within 24 hours world wide to their customers. By managing service, resource planning and aftermarket in Sweet CRM they have increased efficiency dramatically.

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Build strong relations

Marketing is not just about brand awareness or commercial, it’s about building and nurturing relationships with potential or existing customers. It stretches from trying to convert someone, into boarding them and evolving the engagement. All successful marketing combines a great plan, with great execution, and makes that seamless and hassle-free. We believe in putting all of the expected (digital) interactions into an engine, a rule- and automations engine that helps you with this.

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Build your rules

By giving you the tool, you can create new or fine tune existing rules for points of interaction

Segmentation made easy

Find your target group using selections stretching from easy or complex

Get customer insights

Get an overview of your customer and marketing interactions by keeping it all in your CRM

Customize your journey

Define, create and evolve the customer journey in our marketing automation engine

Unleash Your Marketing Magic with Sweet for Marketing

Sweet for Marketing brings together the power of automation, CRM structure, and seamless integration with professional e-marketing solutions like Spotler and Symplify. It empowers your marketing team to create extraordinary campaigns with ease. From idea to execution, the time-to-market is swift and adaptable, allowing you to stay agile in a dynamic marketing landscape. With Sweet’s DIY mentality, you can start small and grow as you learn, enabling your marketing efforts to evolve and thrive. Are you ready to take the leap into marketing greatness?

Learn more about Sweet’s and Spotler Webpower’s offer on marketing automation.

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Volvofinans gained 30% increase in upselling

Volvofinans wanted to activate more customers quickly with their automation initiative, as well as reduce time-to-market and reduce dependence on their own IT department. They did that, and more!

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Drive Efficiency and Productivity with Internet of Things

Experience the future of business automation with IoT-driven case and sales management bundled with a flexible rules engine. Leverage real-time data insights that allows you to work proactively with seamless communication between systems, things, and you. Take the next step and deliver exceptional customer experiences and stay ahead of the competition. Explore our IoT integration solutions now!

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Seamless communication

Establish smooth communication channels between various systems or components

Real-Time insights

Easily track performance metrics or monitor equipment health and act instantly

Make it rule

When certain conditions are met or events occur, set rules for automated actions

One step ahead

Get signals and make rules to act proactively on potential issues or opportunities

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Hufvudstaden acts proactively with IoT

Sweet enables proactive and data-driven management by handling signals from connected devices, such as elevators or leaking water pipes, which are then processed through predefined business rules. Hufvudstaden can efficiently assign the right employees to resolve issues and improve customer satisfaction.

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