Nordnet streamlines the activation process with digital forms/agreements, e-signatures and cloud storage

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220+ Digital forms and automated flows
50% Increased conversion of B2B deals during onboarding
65 Spared full time employes yearly


Being a customer of a bank means that a lot of information and documentation must be handled. Agreements must be signed, permissions must be approved, personal information must be specified, etc. Signing with an analog signature or returning signed forms by letter is many times required. Handling of incoming paper documents means a lot of administration work for the bank.

There are laws and regulations that oversee how declarations and information should be handled, the bank’s application forms, agreement documents and conditions appendices must, of course, follow these regulations. It is also important that they are designed in a way that makes it easy for the customer to respond, sign and submit information to the bank.

Creating new or changing the existing templates and forms for, for example, different types of agreements often takes a long time and requires a lot of resources. That is why Nordnet turned to us – to get help and find the solution to the problem.

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  • Internal administration – Like all other banks and finance companies, Nordnet has a huge number of application forms, contract documents and conditional attachments that should be handled. Nordnet’s earlier solution required the IT department to be involved when a form was to be digitized or when existing digital forms were to be changed. This was a very time-consuming process where a lot of time was needed in order to implement and down-prioritize the changes.
  • Customer experience – After the customer filled in a form on the website, the next step was to print the agreement, sign it and then submit it by regular mail to Nordnet, to get an approval. It was a slow manual process which in many cases became an obstacle for the customer.
  • No administration – The department that handles customer administration is charged linearly with relatively received documents, which does not provide any scalability. In principle, this means that more customers and a change in commitment will lead to more employees.

To make it easier for the customer and to reduce the administrative work at Nordnet, the following solutions were implemented:

  • Forms management in Sweet Forms for easier administration of digital forms

Thanks to Sweet Forms Nordnet’s employees can create and edit agreements themselves. They do not need to have any earlier knowledge of web development in order to manage the administration. The digital forms which are created in Sweet Forms are dynamic, compared with a conventional form, which means that several forms can often be combined into a digital form. The layout of the digital forms can be adjusted and have the same graphical profile as the customer’s website and internet bank.

  • Digital signing of agreements using the e-signing service Scrive

Digital forms are signed with BankID and in some cases with a digital pen. Together with the signing solution from Scrive, Sweet Forms, also supports several different signatures on the same form. The purpose of this solution was to make the process faster and easier for the customer, who can now sign the agreements directly with the help of BankID. A solution that contributes to reduced administrative work and which removes obstacles that previously existed, when the customer had to print and post the agreements.

  • Storage of contracts in the cloud

Digital forms and e-signing themselves are not unique. What makes this solution unique, in addition to the simplified administration and the new e-signing service, is that the customer data is now stored in the cloud. A service that Scrive also holds. There are not many banks which have taken the step of storing customer data in the cloud, which means that Nordnet is a pioneer in this development.

  • Sweet Automation for reduced and more secure administration

A large part of the administrative work involved in receiving documents has been automated. The need for administrative staff has therefore decreased and freed up time to perform more qualitative work. Just as with digital forms, the business can now adjust and optimize the processes themselves so that they are always the most efficient and follow regulations and internal instructions.

“We can see a trend where more and more customers within the bank and finance world question the old way of working in order to achieve internal and external efficiency as well as an improved customer experience”

– Markus Ewers
Co-founder, Sweet Systems

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The effects we have seen in the customer journeys, we have digitized and automated, have been high above expectations. Over 50% higher conversion combined with considerably reduced leads time and better automated communication with our customers.
Carl Lönndahl Director of Pension Business, Nordnet


We have now replaced the old agreements with new, responsive and easy-to-manage digital forms. This makes it easier for Nordnet’s new and existing customers to finalize many agreement processes. Our implementation has helped Nordnet in the following ways:

Improved administration – Sweet Forms makes it possible for Nordnet’s administrators to upload and administer digital forms, such as agreements and applications. A process that before has taken a long time and required a lot of internal resources.

Improved customer experience – Thanks to the new Forms management, combined with the e-signing, the process of opening a new account at Nordnet takes only a few minutes now while the previous solution took at least a week. The customer does not have to print the agreements, sign them and send them by regular mail anymore – now everything can be done directly online at Nordnet’s website.

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