Sweet Spotler Webpower e-mail marketing

Sweet and Spotler Webpower offer a package solution for e-marketing and marketing automation at its best.

Reach new heights with automation of your marketing

Sweet and Spotler Webpower provide you with a groundbreaking platform for creating powerful email and SMS campaigns, covering both transactional and promotional emails. Through close integration with Sweet and Spotler Webpower, you not only have the opportunity to create personalized audiences from your CRM or other integrations but also to automate your communication flows with intelligent business rules.

With us, you can create a fully digital customer journey to convert new customers and keep your existing ones satisfied! This is marketing automation for real.

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Automated and integrated

Not just a BPM tool, but also an integration engine, marketing automation solution, and analytics tool where magic can be created.

Increase precision significantly

Analyze customer behavior and act on signals or timed communication to hit the target. In our platform, you decide.

Easily build your customer journey

With drag and drop, you can easily create your customer journey linked to e-marketing and other systems. Plan as far as you like.

Segment your target audience

We give you full control over your recipients, fetching from CRM or wherever they may be. You segment just the way you want and need!

Part of your ecosystem

Our highest priority goal is to offer you a smooth experience without the requirement of exposing sensitive personal or company information. Through seamless integration with Sweet and Spotler Webpower we put you in the driver’s seat, tailored to your unique needs and preferences.

This flexibility gives you complete control over your underlying systems, meaning you have the power to choose which information should be available and visible to maximize the efficiency of your marketing communication. With this customized setup, you can feel secure, knowing that your data integrity is high, and the content is safe.

Discover a new dimension of security and flexibility with our integrated solutions, where your safety and data integrity are at the forefront, allowing you to focus on creating impressive marketing results.

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Sweet Spotler Webpower e-marketing automation
Sweet for marketing

Sweet for marketing

Not only do we offer a tailored solution for e-marketing automation, but we have a comprehensive solution to cover all your marketing needs. With Sweet CRM, you can create marketing plans and activities and gain a 360-degree view of all your customers and their communication. With Sweet Forms, you can send one or multiple digital forms at any time to gather information, for example, for onboarding or feedback after a purchase.

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Nordnet automates their customer journey

By combining digital data collection using Sweet Forms and our rule engine Sweet Automation, Nordnet was able to automate previously manual tasks and processes, providing immediate responses to customers – resulting in over a 50% higher conversion rate than before.

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