The answer to this question is simple – for everything. Digital forms can replace all paper such as applications, surveys and many others. You can use digital forms in any industry and for any purpose. It is simply you and your organization that set the framework for how to use a digital form. But in order to give you some inspiration and guidance, it is worth explaining what “everything” could be.

Agreements and quotes

One wants to believe that digitization has come a long way when it comes to winning more business opportunities, because everyone wants to increase their revenue. But many companies still have their paper contracts and applications – these need to be first sent and printed in order to be signed. With digital forms, you can offer your customers digital agreements and a smoother and shorter sales process.


Work orders

Check out all your ongoing and completed assignments, digitally and directly on your mobile. Forget what administration means. Now you can create a more productive work day with the help of digital orders – you know what should be done, when it should be ready and how long it will take.

Inspections, protocols and checklists

Do you perform inspections to secure, investigate, assess, prevent or control? Then digital forms are the smartest and easiest option for collecting data as well as analyzing and using it in the most efficient way.


Delivery notes

Digital delivery notes are even more wanted. Instead of paper delivery notes, digital form allows you to follow the delivery notes in your mobile or computer. Increased traceability and simplified administration for both you and your customer. Digital forms are both user and environmentally friendly.



Do you work in a company where it is needed to apply to become a customer or perhaps in an organization where application for membership is needed? With digital forms you can integrate with, for example, SPAR or BankID to simplify the application process for your customers. The customer gets the reply immediately.   This shortens the whole process in comparison with the process done by using paper forms.


Time to streamline your processes?

Complaints, internal or external investigations, travel accounts, employment contracts, expenses or personnel benefits. Yes, the possibilities are endless, start by reviewing your organization’s processes, both internally and externally. What processes with time-consuming paper administration could you really simplify with digital forms?

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