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In our latest Sweet Automation release (4.6.7) we have several news that will make it easier for you to use the solution. This includes improvements in flow, action and selection functionality.

Improved functionality in Flow

In the new release of Sweet Automation, you can easily apply a rule for an entire flow, without having to set the rule in every selection of the flow. For example, you can exclude persons that have reached a certain age or always include customers in certain segments.

sweet automation flow

You also have the possibility to add more participants and related information to any box in a flow, not just when loading a flow. This feature can for example be used if you want an automated process for handling leads from your website, where the people are not in your Sweet database.

sweet automation portal

Choose from several new actions

One of the new actions included in the release is the improved e-mail and SMS action for BizWizard, where you for example can eliminate duplicates and add contact persons from a file. Another useful action is the new export action for FTP, Excel and e-mail.

We also enhanced the scheduling action to be set to run both immediately and on schedule. Let’s not forget about the improved Sweet Action that allows you to easily create and update information in Sweet Portal/CRM.

Selection options

You now have the possibility to get an overview of flows related to a selection, also to navigate from flows to the selections. We have improved the options to start a selection without saving or committing data which will come in handy when you use large volumes of data. Another new feature in the selection is that you can create a selection based on information from an excel file.

sweet automation integration

Other updates

The new release of Sweet Automation comes with an improved navigation. This makes it easier for you to change and create flows and selections. You can also use the “forward” and “back” buttons to navigate in web browser.