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Streamline your customer work, create more business and get more satisfied customers.

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With a user-friendly and role-based CRM system customized to your needs you will be able to easily keep track of your customer relationships, contacts, activities and business opportunities. Sweet CRM helps you structure your sales activities and gain deep insights into your processes. With your processes structured and tools to effectively follow-up you can focus on what all businesses strive for: Happy and profitable customers!

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Keep track of your customer relationships

With Sweet CRM you get a clear overview of your customers, whether they are private- or corporate entities, and simplify cooperation both internally and externally through sharing information and access to your different points-of-contact with your customers. Easily track your customers through their customer-journey and your relationships to them. Connect your Outlook to Sweet to document your meetings, calls and contacts in Sweet and maintain your style of communication using forms and templates for emails.

Keep track of your business opportunities

Sales begins as soon as a lead is identified. And Sweet CRM gives you the structure and support needed from lead identified to deal closed. You can easily create an opportunity from a lead and document your outreach and meetings. As your potential sale progresses through your salesprocess you can update your opportunity with stakeholders, potential deal size, probability and more. Follow your deals in the pipeline view and easily keep track of how many deals and meeting you have coming up with customers and prospects for the weekly sales meeting!

Ibland leder en stängd affär till att ett projekt ska startas. En produkt eller tjänst ska levereras. Sweet innehåller en projektmodul där projektet planeras och vilka resurser som ska ingå. Om ni behöver arbeta med tidrapportering så hittar ni den funktionen här. Och självklart går det att samarbeta direkt med kunden med hjälp av Sweets kundportal. Läs mer om vår projekthantering här.

Create workflows

Give your sales people the tools to succeed: In Sweet you can easily filter- and sort your data, create lists and distribute them to your responsible salesperson. With our meeting-scheduling functionality a salesperson can easily access the calendars of a group of colleagues and find an timeslot that suits everyone when booking a customer meeting.


Why spend time on manual administration when a system can do the work for you? Set up pre-defined rules that send out reminders or create activites for salespeople according to your processes. Perhaps a contract needs to be reviewed before sending it to a customer? Or maybe a customer has a contract nearing it's expiration date and needs to be renegotiated? Automate these manual tasks so that you can focus your attention on what creates true value for you and your customers!

Vill du läsa mer om vår lösning för automatisering, klicka här.

Follow up

Use digital forms for employee-development meetings that are to be documented and followed up on. Work with dashboards and visualize your data in graphs to gain data-driven insights into your organization. Any data that you input into Sweet CRM can be followed-up on and visualized in a graph or dashboard. Read more about Sweet Performance here.