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Marketing and sales go hand in hand. With a clear and structured marketing strategy, you can lift the sales department to new heights – let us help you with our marketing solution.

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Define your success with smart marketing solutions

With Sweet marketing solution, you can create effective and streamlined communication between you and your customers that will generate more leads and improve your cooperation. You get a higher conversion rate and a better overview of your marketing processes. We customize our solution according to your needs. The system should adjust to you – not you to the system.

Marketing Automation & Lead Generation

Streamline your
collected information

Targeted communication

Analyze and optimize

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Marketing plan

Plan, implement and follow up all marketing plans

Add managers, documents, budget, project and activities. View the plans in a visual timeline and share with other internally or externally.

The marketing plan helps everyone to stay updated about time, money, organization and content.

Marketing project

To complete your marketing plan, implement and follow-up marketing projects in order to generate more leads, organize events with partners or increase web traffic to the website. Collect the different types of marketing projects under your marketing plans.

To improve your cooperation and communication with customers you can easily share information, activities and digital forms with internal and external users.

Marketing activities

In order to complete your marketing project, you simply create marketing activities. Marketing activities help you to define your target groups. Successful marketing means successful communication, with Sweet marketing activities you control time, target group and means of communication.
With a user-friendly interface and clear layouts, it has never been easier to work with marketing.

Manage everything from events, telemarketing activities to ongoing automated process like ananalzing leads from the website.


Enjoy the benefits of combining Sweet automation with the marketing module. Here you can schedule mailings, interactions and create target group selection.
Analys av er kommunikation och dialog med kunderna sker i realtid och övrig organisation blir uppdaterad så snart något har skett. Koppla på en integration mot någon av våra Marketing Automation-partners, läs mer här.

Our Sweet Automation flow tool allows you to specify the rules for campaigns and interactions with customers in a simple, smart and efficient way.


Marketing features

Target Selection

In Sweet, you can easily create new target group selections. The customers who did not give their consent will be automatically removed from the target group. Categorize customers according to their approved marketing opt-in channels.
The target group can be tagged and saved as a part of marketing lists.

Quick overview of customers

In Sweet you can see a clear overview of planned and completed marketing activities on the customer card. This helps you to keep track of all your contacts and customer interactions during the customer lifecycle.

Process the customers

With Sweet it is easy to distribute and process your customer information. Analysis, selection and assignment of tasks are easy to use with the help of the marketing module’s different tools.
For example, you can easily create and share phone lists with different teams, users or customer departments

Collaboration creates effiency

Vi tror på att samarbete i digitala lösningar skapar effektivitet. Därför kan ni bjuda i externa samarbetspartners i marknadsarbetet för att komma snabbare framåt.
We believe that collaboration between you and your customers creates efficiency in digital solutions. You can invite external partners to your marketing solution in order to increase your effectiveness regarding activities, schedules and updating digital documents.