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Field service

It is not always that an incoming support case can be solved and finalized inside the case module – sometimes you need to provide in person service out on the field. This adds an extra element to both planning and execution – say hello to Sweet Field Service become a service provider of tomorrow.

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Efficient Field Service

An effective field service solution is important for managing various areas and competing in a fast-changing market. Planning and managing work orders, scheduling service bookings as well as assigning the right equipment for the right situation was never this easy. Sweet provides a user-friendly and powerful solution that can simplify and optimize your work in the field.

Efficient planning and scheduling

Provide the customer information in real time

Better management, better results

No coding or
design skills required

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Field service

Work order

To create better traceability at all stages of the case management, you can now create work orders in Sweet, from almost any object. This means that you will know more and get a better overall picture of the customer and their needs with the help of the following features:

  • Kundinformation.
  • Eventuell problembeskrivning från kund.
  • Eskalering från kundtjänst till fältservice.
  • Vem som är ansvarig för ärendet ute på fältet.
  • Inom vilken tidsperiod problemet förväntas att lösas

If you have a customer portal via Sweet you can also give your customers a log-in to be able to track and se that status and progression of their case.

Service Appointment

Planning the actual execution of the work order is done with the help of service appointments. Here, all steps can be scheduled within the time-period determined for the work order. Some key features include:

  • Resursplanera direkt i kalendrar (som givetvis kan synkas till Outlook).
  • Attestera utfört arbete.
  • Redogöra för vad som ska göras, hur det ska göras och vart.
  • Dokumentera händelsen när den händer, på rätt bokning och utan krångel.


Sweet’s article management allows you to create, relate and manage both services and material articles. This helps you keep track of what alternatives are available in terms of time and materials once the service-bookings start coming in. The articles are easily administrated in Sweet. You can do the following, among other things:

  • Enable / Disable articles Categorize articles Manage information about different articles
  • Kategorisera artiklar
  • Hantera artikel-information
  • Med mera

Sweet also supports the option of integrating against existing systems that handle articles. This means that you can, for example, use another system for managing the articles or import articles from a different system to Sweet.