Reduce your paperwork - let Sweet Forms do the job

With Sweet Form Designer you can easily transform the paper forms to digital, mobile friendly forms. Deployment is made directly to your customers or internally with just a few clicks.

The right information should be avalible

We believe that the next big step for companies is to make work outside the office easier. New flexible ways of working demands new, more flexible work tools. Sweet is a platform to create the new mobile tools your company needs without changing the current back office systems.


No need to order changes in you company forms from a designer or developer. Instead – edit and manage the forms by yourself in an intuitive online editor.


Mobile first

All forms are responsive and with mobile usage in focus. Available through any internet connected device (HTML5) and can use functions on the different devices (GPS, telephone, camera, etc. ). With the Sweet Mobile App, forms can be answered offline.

Digital signing

All forms can be signed digitally to keep your whole process paperless. We support simple touch signing to EU and US e-signature compliant methods (both mobile and computer).


You can either use Sweet functionality or just connect your current system or web site to Sweet Forms. In that way you can select the right target group for your form and have pre-filled forms ready.

Multi Language support

Every form can be created to work in multiple languages depending on the person answering the form. In this way a form can be used with multiple respondent languages.

Offline support

Using Sweet forms with the Sweet Mobile app makes them available even if no internet connection is present. When the app is connected to the internet, all changes and answers in the forms are synchronized.

Open API

Sweet can be connected to different data internal or external data sources through a powerful API. The data can then be presented in the forms. A big time saver and every users dream.

Users and teams

Administrate which specific users or teams can access different forms.

Design and publish forms

For many sales oriented organizations telemarketing is a central business generating process. Sweet’s telemarketing module offers a tool to manage and administrate target groups and in an efficient way distribute them to the organization. By managing responses and return calls with follow up activities it is possible to create automated streamlined workflows that decrease the handling time for each call.  

Sweet provides a total support for managing marketing activities, target group selection, activities distribution, operational implementation and follow-up activities. 

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