The Customer’s story

Hufvudstaden increases customer satisfaction with digital forms & case management

Hufvudstaden receives around 40-50 cases per day from tenants around Stockholm and Gothenburg. The cases concern anything from a suddenly broken toilet to the planned roof snow removal. Every
day, Hufvudstaden’s, technician goes around the region to solve issues categorized as emergency cases. Hufvudstaden’s service level agreement contract obligates the responsible technician to be in
place within 2 hours and the matter to be resolved within 24 hours. Therefore, it is crucial to have a simple and efficient system which helps to solve issues in a smooth way.

Customer: Hufvudstaden

Solutions: Digital Forms & Case Managemant

Hufvudstaden provides office and retailing premises in Stockholm and Gothenburg’s most attractive
locations. The company was founded in 1915 and is today one of the largest real estate companies
and one of the strongest brands in the property sector in Sweden.

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Hufvudstaden’s previous case management system lacked support for mobile devices and could not be used in the field. Many critical steps in the process must have been handled with the paper forms.

This resulted with having too complex and time-consuming administration. In order to keep the customer service on the high level, Hufvudstaden had to shorten their case management handling time. In order to further increase the quality of their work, they had chosen to analyse the entire process for case management, form management and accessibility.


Hufvudstaden grew out of their existing process – the company expanded and so did the need of
digitization. Sweet Systems solved Hufvudstaden demands regarding accessibility and accuracy, the
the previously existing way of working had to be improved in order to be able to offer better customer

Thanks to a new support system, Hufvudstaden was able to bridge the previous communication gap
between external and internal parties involved in the case handling. The significant improvement is
that a technician can not only see all the cases related to him in his mobile device, but he can also
act upon and consult them – all via Sweet.

Digital forms – by replacing Hufvudstaden’s paper forms with digital forms, the administration
the workload was reduced, the average handling time was saved and the risk of accidentally losing the
completed forms were minimized.

Accessibility – with the help of Sweet’s app, all technicians working in the field can receive
notifications about a new incoming case directly in their phone. This way, they can work more
precisely with their service level agreement and deliver higher customer service to their customers.

Case management – Hufvudstaden’s previous system was perceived as both limited and difficult to
use, therefore, the company had high demands. The new system should be more transparent, more
user-friendly and offer faster performance. Hufvudstaden wanted a system which would help their
employees to streamline their working day. Another goal was to improve the case handling time, the
time between creating a new case by the customer and solving the case by Hufvudstaden had to be shortened. Today with Sweet Systems solution Hufvudstaden gets a clear overview of new incoming
cases with responsible users and all other persons connected to the case.


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