Just in time for summer we have updated Sweet with new awesome features in the portal. Let us tell you about what you can expect. Do you need help to upgrade Sweet to the latest version – contact us and we will get to it.


The biggest news in this release is the HTML-editor that is a highly requested feature in the portal. Bold or Italic, 14pt or 22pt or maybe red or yellow text? Choose the format of your texts in the portal with a click. The new editor makes it possible to copy and paste text from e.g. word or outlook and keep the same formatting, as well as the possibility to create your own formatted text.

The HTML-editor is available on the following features in the portal:


News feed


Email templates

Marketing activities


Work faster and more efficient with HTML-templates

We also added the possibility to create HTML-templates which makes it possible for you to save for example your own signature or other pre-made layouts. For example, you can create a more consistent and professional experience of your case communication with the help of the new HTML-templates. Use the same signature on the notes as you do in your mail and thus you do no longer have to put your effort on writing a new signature each time –just use your standard one.


Sweet Forms is moving in

Our product Sweet Form Designer is now, through license, a part of the portal. This does not mean that you need to use all our other features in the portal (CRM, Case Management, Project etc.) to be able to create forms. You can still use Form designer as a standalone product, the difference is that you can use it together with our other features and thus, it is a lot easier when you administer everything in one place.

Form Designer comes with an updated design and it is as simple as ever to create stunning forms for your audience.

In Form Designer you can:

Create new forms and publish them

Edit and test forms

Import or export forms

See all answered forms

See all published forms


Do you want to upgrade Sweet to the latest version?

Contact us and we will help you.