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With less than 2 months away it is indeed time to start preparing for GDPR. In our latest release we have implemented several new functions that will make your work easier when the GDPR-law applies. We have also made substantial changes in the sales pipeline and some other overall updates that we are sure you will enjoy! Let us present what’s new:




New communication tab

We have updated the communication tab in the portal where you can see and update the personal data. In this tab you can also work with the following GDPR and marketing options:


GDRP status (ex. Consent asked, not asked etc.)

Comments on changes

Personal data source

Marketing consent status

Marketing opt-in status

GDPR change log (these changes are also shown in the main history log on the person card)



 If GDPR consent on a person = no, a warning label will also be shown besides the name.



GDPR-selection list

For admins, there is a new GDPR admin feature which gives the possibility to see which contact- and private persons that don’t have consent, in a separate selection list. From this list the admin can also:

Edit the information directly in the list

Change GDPR-status on one or several persons at once

Anonymize selected persons

Delete selected persons from Sweet




GDPR-export to PDF

Since the new law requires that it should be possible for a person to export his/her personal information, we have added a PDF-export. Just a click, and the export is done!



New deal pipeline in the portal

This is a highly asked for feature, which gives you the possibility to:

Show deals per status

Displays number of deals and total Sum for each status

Filtering options and total sums




The deal pipeline contains a drag and drop function which makes it easy to move deals between different statuses. We also re-designed the deal cards and added some new features. A great new feature on the deal card is that you can see a red color indicator if est. closing date is passed and a red dot if there is new info on the deal. The cards also contain following info:


Deal name

Company name




Est. closing date

Reg. date

Update date


Finally – tag administration in the portal

Your prayers have been answered – you can now administrate tags in the portal. The new tag administration makes it possible for you to:

Edit tags

Create new tags

Create new tag groups

Choose where to publish a tag


Overall updates in the portal

Improvements for cases

When sending notes on a case, you can decide if the description should be internal or external by just clicking the blue external/internal label.  You can also:


Create a new case from an already existing case

Relate cases to already existing ones

Filter your case work list by notes and description


förbättrad ärendehantering

Improvements in marketing

You can now add or remove tags on companies, contacts and private persons directly from a target group list. This really improves selections for new target groups.

New improvements for selections

Great news! You can now add new private persons from the selection list and it is also possible to edit the following entities directly from the selection list:


Company group


Private persons








Relate companies

You can now relate companies to each other with a click. When doing this, you also choose how they are related to each other.

Smarter searches

Bothered by having to search for the exact correct name in the search field? We have the solution for you. Now you can choose how you want to search in the portal. You can choose if you want to search for “begins with” or “contains”. Awesome, right?

Simplified editing

We have made the edit view easier to use in desktop by dividing the edit block into 2 or 3 columns. You can therefore see all the information without the need to scroll the page.

smart sökfunktion


Sweet! Even more great updates

Project – improved project admin

External portal – improved case handling for your logged in customers/partners

User groups – improved user group admin

Improved case cards in the pipe




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