Meet our developer Linda

“Working with our own product gives you a sense of responsibility which I do not think I would feel otherwise. It also makes me feel proud of what we have achieved.”

Linda Eriksson


Linda Eriksson has been studying creative development at the University College in Gävle and .Net Development at Academedia. She was brought up in Gävle, she likes music and Roller Derby and works as a developer at Sweet.

”At Sweet, we are a relatively small but very tight team, we work and have fun together.

I feel really good at our team, the atmosphere in the office is friendly and we always try to support each other. We develop our own product and, therefore, we can influence the development process, what is more, we can quickly adjust it to our customers’ wishes and predict solutions they might want within few years. I think it is very nice that together we can see how the product develops. We also create customized versions of our product and it is really interesting to see what our common effort has led to. Working with our own product gives you a sense of responsibility which I do not think I would feel otherwise. It also makes me feel proud of what we have achieved.

Recently, we released a new version of Sweet with a whole new functionality for stuff registration very useful within the construction industry. We worked intensively together to build completely new functions in our platform. It was very cool and the whole team was involved. When we build these new functions we see how far we have come since we started building the product a few years ago.

I face many new challenges every day.

All from ‘how to write a more efficient SQL query’ to ‘how to build a new function in our customer portal’. Challenges are fun and help me become a better developer. The innovation day which we have once a month is also a way of challenging ourselves. It gives us a chance to test and read about new technologies or trying things we are unable to try in our daily work.

In my free time, I read a lot and one of my favourite belongings is my Kindle. Before it was impossible for me to imagine reading a book without having an actual book but now I really enjoy the possibility of packing thousands of different titles, Kindle does not take more space than one pocketbook. Apart from reading, I really enjoy Roller Derby both live or on TV. If you have never seen a Roller Derby game I recommend everybody to see one. Roller Derby is an amazing sport.

My best advice

When I have been studying .Net-development we had our internship during two terms. I did not have any friends or contacts within this industry, therefore, I have chosen to search for the internship in my area. This way I found Releye (Sweet’s sister company) and this was how I got my first job at Sweet. My advice is to look for an internship in the company which works with something you are really interested in. Programming is fun but the best part is what you can do with it.”

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