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Are you in need of a CRM-system for sales support or do you already have one that might not fulfill your needs entirely? One of the conditions to effective sales is to keep track of your prospects, customers, activities and business opportunities. By using a sales support system that suits your needs you have many possibilities to do this. However, there are a lot of sales support systems to choose from and it is not always easy to know which one to choose.

Depending on industry, number of employees and knowledge among the users, there are some requirements you should look for in a CRM-system. In this series that will be posted in three episodes, we are going to guide you through what is important to consider when choosing a CRM-system for: sales support, case management and marketing.  First up: 6 questions to ask when choosing a sales support system.

CRM: sales support system - do you need more process support?

1. Do you need more than just a sales support system?

Before choosing a CRM-system you should consider what other parts of the organization that might be needing a process support – other parts that share information with the sales people. Do you want to be able to connect support cases to the customers? Do you want to be able to connect contacts to marketing activities and events? Do you wish to be able to see reports and statistics? List common processes that you need in a CRM before you start testing. This is particularly important if you are planning to try a free platform, since they often have limitations in functionality.

CRM : sales support system - user friendly

2. Is the sales support system user friendly?

Usability is the foundation when choosing a sales support system. The consequences of having a to advanced system, or on the contrary – an insufficient system could be that the sales persons do not report their activities, contacts and business opportunities. This in turn might lead you to a new implementation process which will be both expensive and time consuming. Therefore, talk to your sales persons and choose a sales support system based on their needs. It is important that they consider the system to be user friendly.

CRM : Sales support system - mobile and offline

3. Is the sales support system mobile and can it be used offline?

Sales persons are usually out in the field during the days, using their phone to report activities and keep track of their goals. When a customer call, the sales person need to be able to quickly access information from their last call and afterwards type the additional information from this call. To choose a mobile sales support system might be the most important part of all. What happens if there is no internet connection on the train? No problem if the solution supports offline mode where the data is synced automatically when connected to internet again.

CRM : Sales support system - expanding

4. Will the sales support system expand when your company does?

How many employees do you have today and what happens with the sales support system when you have suddenly expanded your business considerably? Make sure that the sales support system is expandable and that you can add more features to it.  Find out if this is possible and how, also what the cost would be and how the process would look like.

CRM : Sales support system - automation

5. Can you automate any parts of the sales support system?

Sales takes time and a sales support system are supposed to facilitate for the sales persons. Though, it is rarely anyone who look forward to reporting their activities. Because of this, modern sales support systems are designed to make it easier by automating as many parts as possible. Find out how the sales support system can be automated to make it easier for you. Do you get mail or notifications as reminders? Are you able to see which customers you need to contact, in prioritized order? Time is money and it is therefore smart to you discover what automation possibilities you have in the CRM.

CRM : Sales support system - trust the supplier

6. Can you trust the sales support supplier?

The supplier you choose are going have a big effect on how successful your sales support implementation will get. Are you able to make suggestions of improvements? Can you adjust the solution depending on your needs? Make sure to choose a supplier that you can easily communicate with and that you trust. This will be an important choice for your continued work within the sales support system.

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