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An effective case management system is one of the main ingredients to create sustainable customer relationships. By quickly being able to act on your customers’ needs and problems you create a trust and can continue to be relevant in what your offer. By choosing a case management system that suits your company, you can save both money and resources in the same time as you create satisfied customers.

Depending on industry, which type of cases you have and how much knowledge there is among your customers and users, there are some requirements you should look for in a CRM-system. In this series that will be posted in three episodes, we are going to guide you through important things to consider when choosing a CRM system for: sales support, case management and marketing. In previous episode you could read about “6 questions to ask when choosing a sales support system”. In this episode, we will guide you through: 7 important questions to ask when choosing a case management system.

CRM : case management system - customize

1. Is it possible to customize the case management system?

The first thing you should look for is the possibility to customize the case management system. Does the supplier offer a standardized system or is it possible to extend with more features? All companies are different and therefore a standardized system is rarely sufficient. Think about what functions your company would need in your case management process: How do you receive cases today? Does the system need to act different depending on what kind of case it is? How much can be automated? How well do you want to be able to overview the cases? Etc. When you have identified your processes you also know what questions you should ask the supplier.

CRM : case management system - responsive

2. Is the case management system responsive?

Some of your employees and customers are going to use the case management system from their computer and others from their phone. It is therefore important that the system is responsive and can be used in all units. Whit a responsive system we mean that the case management system should be adapted and easy to use no matter which unit is being used. The mobile version may not need to contain all the functions that the web version does but it should be easy to use and give access to the most important parts in the case management process.

CRM : case management system - offline support

3. Does the case management system have support for offline usage?

The workspaces of today are rarely stationary, we are more mobile than ever and this requires for us to have adaptive, mobile systems. Make sure to choose a case management system that can be reached through the phone and that supports offline-usage. Why? Because your employees should be able to act on cases in all times, complete task and get signatures even if they have connection or not.

CRM : case management system - automation

4. What flows can be automated in the case management system?

Discover what possibilities there are to automated flows. With an automated flow, you can save time and get full control. Imagine that you must manually enter the system to register every case and connect these to customer, activity, responsibility etc. Now imagine this flow automated instead: a case is received to the support by email, the customer gets an automatic response that the case has been received together with a specific tag number. The case is connected to the customer in the CRM and the account manager get a notification.  It sure sounds smoother, right? It is of immense value to see what can be automated before you decide what case management system to go for.

CRM : case management system - channels

5. Is the case management system depending on channels?

It should be simple for the customer to contact you with their issue through phone, mail, web, social channels etc. and it should be easy for you to handle and act on these. Discover what possibilities you have in the case management system. Through which channels can your customers contact you and how many of these does the system support?

CRM : case management system - digital forms

6. Is it possible to connect digital forms to the case management system?

If you need to document several parts in your case, for example checklists and service reports – it is wise to check if it is possible and easy to design, administrate and publish digital dorms connected to a case.

CRM : case management system - login for customers and suppliers

7. Is it possible for customers and partners to login and follow their cases?

In many companies, it is important to share a case with the customer and even with your partners to quickly solve the problem. Does your company need to share information about cases with your customers or/and suppliers? If so, make sure that the case management system supports this kind of solution.

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