Main features in Sweet

We already have a variety of features available in our platform but Sweet likes to think big. Therefore, if you are missing any features, we are more than happy to add functionality that will meet your needs.

Customer register

Gather all the information about all your customers easily in Sweet.


Create and keep track of all the business opportunities in a smart and easy way.

Project planning

Plan and work in an easy way with both projects and time reporting.

Incoming/outgoing e-mail

Connect your own mailboxes for both incoming and outgoing mail.

Auto reply

Create and use an auto reply directly from Sweet.


Work with a smart overview of both cases and deal pipelines.

Status management

View and change the status of status-dependent objects.

Document management

Manage, assign and organize documents.

Marketing activities

Use our various marketing activities from telemarketing to events.

Marketing projects

Create marketing projects to easily manage your entire marketing business.

Marketing plan

Use our marketing plan to effectively structure your marketing projects and activities.

Follow up and statistics

Analyze date and see statisitcs with the Sweet dashboards. 

Office 365-connection

User our 365-connection and sync all the emails and calendar meetings into Sweet.


View and manage your activites with our complete calendar functionality.


Export information from Sweet with one click.

Selection lists

Create, use, save and share your own customized selection lists. 

Digital forms

Create smart, designed and digital forms.

Time report

Create and attest time reports.


Integrate with other, external systems.

File management

Manage files and documents in a simple way.

Mobile support

Use Sweet in all types of devices from computer to mobile phone.

Offline support

Manage all offline information using Sweet Mobile.

SaaS / On Premis

Choose yourself if you want to use your own servers or if Sweet should handle the hosting.


Complete GDPR support.


Manage both users and settings with our admin fuctionality. 

Rights management

Control access with Sweets rights management.


Give different users different roles in the system.

Customized layouts

Do you want Sweet to look or work in a special way? No problem!

Want to get started?