CRM, case management and automation are one of the main areas that are often in focus in a sales, marketing or support department. Those departments need extensive systems to be able to organize and structure their work in order to streamline their working days, close more business opportunities and provide better customer service.

With digital forms you can do this and much more. Are you considering digitizing your applications instead of sending the paper copy? Or has your customer service department requested that all cases should be created and registered in the same channel? Here are four tips to consider when choosing the right supplier for digital forms:

1. No earlier knowledge should be required

If you have started with digital forms instead of PDF or paper forms, it should save time and money, not the other way around. Therefore, it’s important to choose a supplier that has a very simple tool. You shouldn’t need to have knowledge of CSS or HTML. Creating a form should be so easy that anyone in the company should be able to do it.


2. Forms wich adapts to your business and purpose

Today, some free tools for creating your own forms are available. Those tools allow you to create your own forms, however, you can’t customize them, both in terms of dynamic content and visibility rules. The layout of the digital form can’t be adjusted – so that it fits your graphic profile and brand. Think through what the form should be used for and how it should look like. Listen to your potential supplier and find out what opportunities are available on the market.


3. Integration with other applications

Digitizing your paper forms is a step towards simplifying the process, but you can go one step further. By integrating with applications such as, for instance, BankID, SPAR, UC/Bisnode you can improve the experience for the end user, so that they, for example, do not need to fill in their personal data. Depending on the purpose you either publish your forms internally or publicly in both cases integration with different applications can be very helpful.


4. Can you grow with your supplier?

Always choose a supplier with whom you can actually grow. Preferably a supplier who has a wide product portfolio and who offers more services than just digital forms. When the day, when you want your business to grow, comes your supplier already knows your business and can hopefully come up with a tailor-made offer that no one else can.


If you have any concerns or specific questions about digital forms – do not hesitate to contact us. We are always happy to help you.