The customer's story

Skistar Vacation Club

Skistar Vacation Club needed to be more efficient in their work to be able to increase sales and improve their daily routines. Implementing of the Sweet CRM system contributed to sales growth and sales department effectiveness.
Customer: Skistar Vacation Club Solution: CRM

Alpine skiing is Skistar’s core activity, with the guest’s ski experience in the centre. The selection consists of Scandinavia’s five largest ski resorts: Sälen, Åre and Vemdalen in Sweden, as well as Trysil and Hemsedal in Norway, and the familiar ski resort St. Johann in Austrian Tyrol as well as Hammarbybacken in the centre of Stockholm.

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The sales department at Skistar Vacation Club had for a long time been shifting between several different systems and excel files to be able to supervise and follow-up. The follow-up process took a long time and there was a high risk of losing important information.

Skistar needed a better overview of the sales and better means to keep track of their business partners and contacts. It was also important for Skistar to improve the level of customer service.


This project focused on providing easy-to-use tools for structuring deals and creating smoothly functioning administration over contracts and contract owners. Sweet CRM was implemented and gradually replaced the manual work at Skistar. The Skistar team can enjoy working in an integrated system and improve their business every day.

What feels great about Sweet is that we can be a part of the implementation and customize the system –
our wishes become reality. We have never experienced this before in our previous solutions.

Hafez Tadayon Business Manager at Skistar Vacation Club

The Result

The sales department at Skistar Vacation Club became familiar with the Sweet CRM in no time, the benefits of this cooperation are:

  • The sales department is more efficient than before.
  • The sales figures have increased in relation to both new and existing customers.
  • More customers have gone from renting accommodation to owning one.
  • The administrative time and costs have decreased- Skistar is now using Sweet instead of using six different systems as before.
  • Implementeringen av Sweet har bidragit till effektivare säljare och ökad försäljning.
In Short
  • Skistar had difficulties with getting a clear view of sales and administration.
  • Sweet CRM was implemented to create more efficient processes within business and deals.
  • Skistar now uses Sweet instead of six different systems.
  • The implementation of Sweet CRM has contributed to improving the effectiveness of the sales department and the increase in sales.