Secure your digital form responses and documents with Sweet and Synkzone integration

Säker lagring av Sweet Forms med Synkzone

Safety first

In a time when data breaches and threats to information security are becoming more common, we present an integration for secure storage that protects your data like never before.

It might seem tedious to have to think about it, but we at Sweet certainly don’t! With Sweet’s latest integration with Synkzone, we take a significant leap forward in secure storage to ensure that your data is in safe hands and that you have full control over where it’s stored, with access restricted to authorized personnel only. Not only can you authenticate yourself through Synkzone for logging into Sweet, but you can also store files, documents, and Sweet Forms responses while managing access to sensitive information.

Document and form response storage

Since the last release, documents from Sweet CRM could be stored externally with Synkzone . This creates excellent opportunities to control who has access to which documents and files in a seamless manner. With Sweet as the user interface where users, clients, or partners collaborate, Synkzone works as the secure vault that manages permissions and access rights.

In Sweet Forms, in our Sweet Fall Release 2023 we have expanded the possibilities for storing answer sets, the form answers that come in through Sweet’s digital forms. In addition to the standard storage within the Sweet database, we have now opened the door to integration with third-party storage solutions. You can choose to store response sets in Synkzone or with other leading file storage companies. This gives you the flexibility to choose a storage solution that aligns with your data management strategy, whether it’s within our platform or through an external document storage provider.

Encrypted storage

With the Synkzone integration, security takes precedence. We understand the importance of protecting sensitive personal data, company data, extracts, journals, and more. Through our integration with Synkzone, your organization can now easily use encrypted storage for sensitive information. With the integration and a simple login, you gain enhanced security for storing sensitive data through Sweet’s interface. You can choose to log in with just a password or opt for additional security through two-factor authentication using tools like Microsoft Authenticator (or equivalent).

How does it work?

After a user authenticates themselves in Sweet through Synkzone, they gain access to the files, documents, and form responses they are authorized to view.

  • Sweet and Synkzone integrate user management, allowing Sweet to receive information about who has what permissions.
  • To gain access to, for example, a case or a file, one must belong to the zone* where the data or files are located.
  • Someone with authorization can also invite others who need access to the content, ensuring that individuals only have access to the information they need and are involved with.
  • You can store all types of sensitive data, such as files, documents, images, contracts, information, or Sweet Forms form responses that require protected access in Sweet, alongside Synkzone.


* Zones are cryptographically separated storage spaces and act as groupings where access is controlled for various objects.

Sweet CRM blir ännu säkrare

One of our latest offerings: secure case management

A concrete example of how this integration can be used is within what we call secure case management. Each case is treated as its own zone in Synkzone, where files, form answers, and the case can only be opened by authorized zone users or members. With Sweet, existing users in the zone can easily add other users or groups, granting them the same permissions, which facilitates smooth and secure case management.

In summary, the Sweet and Synkzone integration takes your data management to the next level. With a focus on security and the flexibility to choose where you store your data, it’s easier than ever to handle sensitive information and ensure it’s in safe hands. We look forward to seeing how you can benefit from this exciting integration!


Do you have any questions or want to learn more about how to take advantage of this integration?
Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information or a demo of the new feature.

P.S. Did you know that we at Sweet are ISO 27001 certified for information security?