Get to know Sweet’s REST APIs for upleveling your integrations!

You look Sweet, but does Sweet have an API?

Being a platform supplier in our digital landscape nowadays comes with lots of customer expectations, it stretches from having a user-friendly interface to having policies for information security, and specific features or functions – but also seamless integration possibilities. That’s where Sweet’s APIs come into play. Sweet does not have one API, we offer three distinct REST APIs! Each API is tailored to elevate your business processes in specific areas: Sweet CRM, Sweet Forms, and Sweet Automation.

How does your APIs work?

Sweet CRMIntegration made easy

Sweet’s APIs empower you to send and receive data to and from other systems seamlessly to/from Sweet CRM’s entities. When we say entities, we refer to objects in the CRM like “Companies”, “Cases” and “Private persons” etcetera. Whether you’re dealing with sales, marketing, service, or any other CRM-related data, our API facilitates smooth data flow, eliminating the need to actively use multiple systems or platforms and fostering better decision-making. There will be no need for storing the same data in multiple systems or solutions, just get it from or send it to the right place and simply work in Sweet CRM. We always strive to help you get a 360° view of the customer. Read more in the API documentation.

Sweet FormsA gateway to streamlined data collection

Sweet Forms API takes data collection to the next level, we believe integration is key and that goes for Sweet Forms as well. By using the REST API you can initiate forms from any place of your choice, prepopulate them with data from various integrations or solutions like your CRM or an external information provider like Roaring, save form responses and files, and even retrieve signed versions from trusted third-party providers like Scrive and Signincat. This means less manual data entry, reduced room for error, and a more efficient workflow. The integration possibilities help you develop a seamless user or customer experience. Read more in the API documentation.

Sweet AutomationStreamlining processes with API

Sweet Automation’s API enables you to trigger workflows that can execute an unlimited number of actions and rules. This means that once you have defined your automated customer journeys, your rules and business logic, and all your automation steps – you don’t have to log into the Sweet Automation platform to see the results or progress. The API can trigger whatever automated processes you have created, from anywhere you like through the API, and also give you the callbacks you want, like in your CRM or as a monthly report.

Sweet Performance uses Sweet Automation’s API

Sweets dashboard and report tool Sweet Performance uses the Sweet Automation API as one of the main data sources when creating visually appealing and user-friendly charts and dashboards, empowering you with insights at a glance. By using Sweet Automation’s API in the Performance dashboard, we enable all your Sweet Automation integrations to be visualized in the same dashboard.

What can the APIs be used for?

With our REST APIs, you have the potential to integrate Sweet’s platforms seamlessly with your existing systems, delivering a cohesive user experience and eliminating manual steps and time-consuming activities. Here are a few examples of how our customers are benefiting today:

  1. Effortless agreement signing: Imagine a banking customer initiating an agreement to open a new account within the bank’s “My page” and Sweet Forms is the interface of the agreement. The online form auto-populates with existing data from the bank’s system using the Sweet Forms API, streamlining the process for a seamless customer experience. With integration partners for e-signatures and the use of their APIs, customers can sign the agreement instantly. Once done, the signed document is securely stored in the bank’s repository and the account manager of the customer gets notified about the new request using the Sweet Forms API to call the internal systems.
  2. Lead management: By using Sweet CRM’s API you can connect all of your lead sources, like your own web leads or external lead sources to populate your CRM with sales opportunities. If you have your customer database in a separate system, the Sweet API can “talk” to it and update it as soon as a lead has become a new customer.
  3. Unifying case management: We have many customers who support multiple channels to create or communicate about support cases/ service, where live chat integrations, cloud-based phone systems and online forms are some. By integrating all of these with your Sweet CRM using the API, your support team will always have one place to go to get a unified customer picture of the customer communication history – no matter the channel.

Do we support webhooks, and listen to message queues?

Yes, our API’s support sending and receiving webhooks and can send and get signals from message queues.

  • Message Queue:

Think of a message queue as a virtual transporter for data. It’s like when you order something online, and your request gets placed in a queue, ensuring it will be processed in the right order. In the same way, data or messages are lined up and delivered to their destination when it’s their turn. It’s all about orderly communication and making sure nothing gets lost along the way.

  • Webhooks:

Imagine webhooks as a smart doorbell for your applications. Instead of constantly checking if something new has happened, webhooks wait patiently until a specific event occurs, like a delivery at your door. When that event happens, it rings the virtual doorbell, letting your application know it’s time to take action. Webhooks save time and resources by letting your apps respond only when needed, like an automatic trigger for important updates.

How do I get started using the Sweet API’s?

While we currently provide API documentation for Sweet CRM and Sweet Forms, we are committed to expanding our resources to include Sweet Automation soon. Stay tuned for updates! Find our existing API documentation here. The API is available in Sweet in different versions, make sure you are upgraded to the below version to get access to the API

  • Sweet Automation, from version 4.6.7
  • Sweet Forms, from version 4.7.2
  • Sweet CRM, from version 4.8.7

Unlock the potential of Sweet’s APIs and transform your digital journey today by contacting us to learn more.