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Build your own dashboards and take your business to the next level - no code or design skills needed

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Share and visualize data and cooperate better both internally and with your customers

Visualize and analyze your data in real-time. You can easily create dashboards based on your needs and combine several graphs – whether you know how to code or not!

Save time

Easy to share data with team members

Responsive on all digital devices

No coding or
design skills required

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Different types of visualizations

Build and adjust your dashboards with ease. Never before has it been so easy to visualize your growth numbers or follow trends in your digital marketing efforts. Combine your graphs in dashboards and present your data in a professional manner.

Choose from bar, combo or pie charts to tables, gauges and much more. Or perhaps to visualize the progress of your sales team towards their budget a graph styled as a fuel-meter ticking up from empty towards full would be the best fit?

You can also connect data from other sources when creating graphs and dashboards such as Sweet Automation, Sweet Forms, Azure DevOps and Excel.

Analyze the data

  • Data: Use data from Sweet, Excel-files or Azure DevOps
  • Filter: Present information based on specific criteria
  • Pivot: Summarize your data in a more all-encompassing manner
  • Styling: Use your own brand logo and colors in your visualization
  • Fully responsive: Flexible and responsive on all devices – Computer, Pad or Mobile
  • Co-op: Share your insights with your team

Add, resize, reorder or remove components

Create customized dashboards in just a few clicks with an intuitive drag and drop interface.

Adjust the size of each component by dragging the right corner, it will automatically resize and fit your screen.

The possibility to add different styles on every component can make your dashboards not only professional but also unique.