Optimize your customer processes with Sweet Forms’ new form flow

Optimize your customer processes with Sweet Forms' new form flow

We are pleased to introduce our latest addition to Sweet’s Digital Customer offering – Form Flow. This new feature enables you to send a sequence of smart forms to a recipient for signing or information gathering, significantly simplifying and speeding up complex customer processes. This is particularly useful when multiple documents need to be signed, for example, to complete an onboarding or KYC process. In other words, multiple forms – one flow.  

Sweet has developed this solution specifically for and at the request of banks, financial institutions, and insurance companies that want to digitize their customer processes and improve the customer experience, increase efficiency, and reduce costs. Does this sound familiar? With Form Flows, you can easily automate and streamline the entire customer process from start to finish, leading to increased user engagement, faster completion rates, and reduced risk of errors. This allows your business to get up and running earlier. In addition, you can customize each customer experience based on who the customer is and what information needs to be collected, and of course, you can add digital signing using any of our existing e-signature providers Scrive, Signe or Signicat. 

Sweet Forms makes it easy for you to create digital forms and define a flow to send everything as a package to the customer. You don’t need to be a developer or designer to succeed. It sounds simple because it is simple. 

It is no coincidence that more and more companies are switching to digital forms, or e-forms, and choosing to add rule-based automation based on the answers they receive. When the “human factor” can be used to define the rules, rather than being a risk in subjective or disparate judgments, the positive synergies are many. In cases where manual tasks are repetitive, have clear rules and boundaries, and are recurring, there are good reasons to choose the digital path to use resources for other tasks than administration. Additionally, for several years, more and more players in the banking sector have closed offices one after another, which further increases the demand for accessibility, and preferably in mobile devices – anytime, day or night. 

After several years of collaboration with industry-leading players in banking, finance, and insurance, we have taken with us the insight into how critical and vulnerable the customer process is, and that the risk of losing a potential customer during onboarding is high. There are several factors at play, but what they often have in common is that unnecessary errors occur, and it takes a long time to handle the process from start to finish. Therefore, Sweet’s product development has been driven by both our customers’ and their customers’ needs, to make it easy and profitable to make a digital transformation. What used to be fast tends to go even faster in the future with the AI development we see in society, especially when it comes to replacing simpler tasks. To avoid falling behind, it is important to continue to invest in your digital presence and to a greater extent utilize the competitive advantages that often arise when embarking on a digitization and automation journey. 

Our top customers in the banking, finance, and insurance industries highlight the following success factors in the transition to digital forms with automation and e-signatures: 

  • Increased conversion rate of new customers 
  • Correct information from the start, fewer completions 
  • Faster delivery time 
  • Increased customer satisfaction and accessibility 
  • Numerous work hours made available for other assignments 

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By using form flows, you can ensure that each step in the process has been completed correctly and that all information has been registered and stored securely. Sweet has been ISO 27001 certified since 2022, so you can be confident that we handle the storage of sensitive personal data/information in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. 

Try Sweet’s new feature with form flows today and see how much time and energy you can save by streamlining your processes. The feature is available in Sweet Forms from version 4.8.7 and onwards.

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