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Create and publish customized and smart forms in no time.

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Save time internally and deliver a better customer experience

Sweet Forms replaces the time-consuming, manual handling of different forms, surveys and other paper-documents. Easily create the content and design and then publish your form and automate your data collection. Each answer set can easily be accessed for follow up. By connecting Sweet Forms to an external data-source you can pre-populate the form with existing data and set up e-signature fields for multiple parties.

Save time and increase efficiency

Faster completion

Increased conversion and reduced time to market

Can be connected to external data sources

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Digital forms

Create forms

With Sweet Forms you can easily create, design and administrate forms without any previous knowledge or developer skills. Create forms with visibility-rules that show different questions based on previous answers. 

Create automated

Automate your data-collection and minimize manual work. Add new opportunities, orders, cases, tags or contacts in Sweet One or other systems through adding automated actions upon completing a form. Sweet Forms will collect the data and populate your systems while you free time for other things.

Areas of application

There are many different ways to use Sweet Forms to save time and automate manual tasks – Here are a few ways that you could benefit:

  • Forms
  • Declarations
  • Agreement
  • Offers
  • Protocol
  • Delivery notes
  • Work orders

Digital signing

Sign documents in real-time on any device. You can also connect Sweet Forms to e-sign solutions such as Scrive and Signicat.

Manage and document information

The information input into forms can be saved into Sweet or other CRM systems or be sent through e-mail. Through role-administration you can control who is able to access the information in a form. Sweet Forms can be used either separately or as part of a complete solution with Sweet Digital Customer or Sweet One.

Follow up

You control how the results of a survey or set of forms will be presented and followed up on. Measure how many applications you’ve had on your website, how many orders have been made of a select product or perhaps how quickly you’ve acted on incoming support-cases on your website. The follow-up in Sweet is digital and you select what information you want presented.