Sweet Spring Release 2024

New layout, improved usability, and new actions

Sweet Spring Release 2024 eng

In the Sweet Spring Release, you are greeted with new lovely colors, an improved layout from both a user and accessibility perspective, along with both major and minor feature updates. Here, we find the best news selected, as well as detailed release notes for download with all the changes.

Sweet Forms - Digital forms

User interface

Sweet Forms is receiving a new and improved user interface where we’ve updated:

  • The size of the Form Designer editing view has been changed to full-screen mode for a better overview and more space.
  • Colors for a more pleasant and readable user experience.
  • Tabs and menu for easier navigation and grouping of submenus.
  • Icons have been updated to better describe their purpose.
  • Placeholder texts have been updated and help texts have been added.

General texts

Now, it’s easy to manage texts that are reused in multiple forms, all in one place! Perfect for when, for example, the organization’s address or maybe the GDPR policy needs to be updated.

Dynamic responses from external data sources

Now, it’s possible to fetch dynamic responses to form questions from external data sources like public fund lists, lists of countries of the world, or other lists. This means you don’t need to update your forms when the content in the data source changes, or you have to input all the response options in the form. Super convenient for those with questions having many response options that tend to change over time.



Sweet forms digitala formulär digital forms
Sweet Spring Release Sweet CRM

Sweet CRM - Sales, service and marketing

User interface

Sweet CRM is enriched with a new and fresh user interface where we’ve worked on:

  • Colors for a more pleasant and readable user experience.
  • Menus for easier navigation and grouping of submenus.
  • Improved and simplified navigation within the platform.
  • Icons have been updated to better describe their purpose.

Time reporting

Did you know that you can time report and register expenses in Sweet? With Sweet’s time reporting module, you can:

  • Log time on projects, customers, and work orders.
  • Link the time reports to items from your article register in Sweet.
  • Expense report receipts or travel bills.
  • As a responsible person, approve time reports and expenses.
  • Minor improvements

Minor improvements

  • Edit in the list of articles and price lists.

Sweet Automation - Automations and integrations

In Sweet’s automation platform, we’ve focused on usability, but we’ve also added a new feature to integrate Sweet Automation with, among other things, Microsoft Teams.


  • Now, as you build flows in Sweet Automation, you can easily switch between views to look at your flow from different perspectives. Choose between seeing everything, just the boxes and their flow participants, or just your actions. This makes it easy to get a good overview of large and complex automation flows.
  • You can now navigate in flows by dragging and dropping the mouse across the screen, instead of the previous scrolling in both vertical and horizontal directions.

Microsoft Teams

With the new MS Graph API, you can download files from flows in Sweet Automation and save them in Teams. This means that with automatic actions, you can gather files and information, and choose to store it where you have your teams and channels.

Sa flow view