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Sweet Automation is a flexible tool which can help you to automate the company’s entire business processes. Everything from inbound marketing, triggering sales assignments, streamlining case management to customer complaints.

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Automate your business processes and experience the benefits

Reduce time-to-market, increase efficiency and forget about manual work. The benefits of automation are many. With Sweet Automation, you can automate all parts of the business. Rules, triggers and flows ensure a seamless experience for your customers and employees.

Reduce time-to-market

Achieve long-term competitive advantages

Increase flexibility

Digitize business processes and rules

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Sweet Automation

Create flows

Create the process from start to finish with the flow tool. Create flows for customer processing, onboarding processes or customer segmentation. You can combine actions and decide when and how often the flow should run. Send notifications to sellers, combine multiple flows or send files from one system to another – everything is possible with Sweet Automation.

Create rules

With Sweet Automation rules engine, you control the flow on different levels. You decide when the flow will run, which objects will be processed and how they will be processed. Categorize your objects based on different data, enable triggers based on how an object has acted earlier in the flow or simply schedule when an email is to be sent.

Analyze, correct and optimize

Build your own dynamic dashboards to get an overview and to analyze your flows and selections. This way you can easily act on changing data to get the best possible results and fulfill customer demands.

Add actions

Build the flow and add actions which can be customized for your business. With Sweet Automation you have the ability to export or import files, for example, excel documents. As well as send e-mails, text messages and tag all objects in your systems. With custom actions, you can control and work with data from different sources.

Manage multiple data sources

With Sweet Automation, it is easy to make advanced selections and analyzes. Choose from where you want to retrieve your data, for example from business systems, logistics systems, CRM systems, the website or e-commerce systems. You can also combine data from several systems. One advantage is that your data does not need to be stored in Sweet for use.

When you create a selection, drag in the conditions you want to include. For a marketing department, it can be product and segment-driven, while for a business controller it is risk- or sales-driven. You can summarize and analyze your selection tree and choose how you want to see the results in columns.