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With Sweet Automation you can easily automate your business processes without coding. Create rules- and automate ‘end-to-end processes’ for both customer- and product lifecycles. From onboarding of new customers and credit processes to calling real-time data from a machine signaling need for service. The possibilities are endless!

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Automate your business processes and experience the benefits

It is the customer-facing organization that possesses the real knowledge. Where can we save time? How do we improve our customers’ experience? What manual processes could be made automatic?

The answers to these questions are rarely possible for an internal IT team to answer. Sweet Automation gives your organization easy-to-use tools that let them take ownership for automating their business processes.

Some call it low-/no code business process automation. We just call it Sweet Automation.

Reduce time-to-market

Give your organization the tools to innovate around their own business processes

Create the conditions for a proactive management for customer- and product lifecycles.

Create automated rules- and business processes in one integrated flow.

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Create automation flows

By using our intuitive ’drag-n-drop’ feature users can easily design and describe processes visually. There are no limits to how many steps an automation flow can contain. Sweet Automation can handle almost any business process regardless of size & complexity.

Create criteria for business-management

Create rules & criteria that define what is required to proceed to the next step in an automation-flow. Do customers with different profiles need to be divided and handled with different processes? Are we awaiting further information from a customer before their request can be handled?

With Sweet Automation you can create rules for these processes and create flows which assign them automatically to the business areas or employees best suited to dealing with the specific request. Without coding, of course!

Create integrations and create automated actions to be applied to your data

A pre-requisite for automation is access to high-quality data. That data could come from internal systems or external sources. The data may also need to flow from Sweet to another system. With the use of actions in a flow a user is able to decide the direction that data flows in and how it should be handled. Perhaps the data should be imported and then passed on as an email to a specific employee? Or maybe imported data should be sent to a mobile application? Or is the data supposed to generate a support-case?

Sweet Automation contains many different actions which can be used to define in detail what should happen with your data and new standard actions are added continuously. And should there be a need for custom actions the system contains tools to easily create new actions as well as best-practices for doing just that!

Multiple data-sources

The data underlying automated actions often comes from several different data-sources, for example CRM, E-com, ERP or data warehouses. Accessing the data from these sources is a pre-requisite to be able to automate your processes.

With Sweet Automation you can call data from several different systems and combine them into one interface where you can create rules and actions. External sources can be connected to Sweet Automation using many different technologies, from SQL-calls, rest-API:s or much more – and once a connection has been established this data is ready to be used to create seamless automation!

Analyze, correct and optimize

Identify bottlenecks. Follow-up on how many customers are handled as part of a certain process. Make sure that you meet your goals by creating dashboards which track your progress. This way you can continuously work with a data-driven approach to optimization.