New year – New, Sweet opportunities

A new year brings new opportunities, even for those of you using any of Sweet’s solutions! We want to take the chance to introduce you to Sweet’s upcoming release and share some insights and reflections for 2024. Let’s start with two important areas.

Two major areas to highlight: Security and AI

We have identified two major trends in the software market today, which are also gaining momentum across various industries. We also recognize that these two trends are directly connected, and it’s often preferable not to forgo the first one if you’re investing in the second one.

Security: I believe we’ve all seen the risks and consequences if information leaks or becomes inaccessible to businesses and consumers. It’s also a central topic among the questions we receive from both potential and existing customers we meet. Specifically, information and cybersecurity. How does Sweet handle the information stored there, who has access and authorization to see what, and what procedures do you have in place when/if something happens? This is a pattern we see in the market in general and also something closely related to the new regulations that have been or are being implemented in several industries and sectors. To mention some upcoming regulations, DORA and NIS2. Similar to when GDPR was introduced, these regulations will impact how we handle information and what type of information can be processed. Gartner1 has already noted that the trend in software purchases has been dominated by IT architecture and security systems in recent years. In the assessment of all new software, according to the same Gartner report 2, 42% affirmed that security was the most important factor in the decision-making process, surpassing functionality, user-friendliness, and price. Everyone wants to be secure; no one wants to fall behind.

In recent years, Sweet has taken significant steps forward to stay at the forefront of information security and offer compliance tools. Not only did we certify ourselves according to ISO 27001 for information security, but work continues behind the scenes to update our internal procedures, practice handling threats and risks, and upgrade the technology behind our platforms.

Together with new partners, we are pioneering secure, encrypted data storage in various areas, such as case management, in the cloud, in Sweden. We are proud to present this offering in collaboration with Synkzone, and you can learn more about it here.

Our commitment to maintaining a high standard of information security continues to evolve, so you can trust that we have your best interests in mind.

Sweet Synkzone säker ärendehantering

Artificial Intelligence (AI): No one can have missed that AI has become available to more and more people, leading us to ask questions about the world and seek help in making informed decisions. Chat GPT has made AI accessible to everyone, and companies are working to understand how to get benefits from this technology. It’s a broad field with several purposes.

Through our rule and automation platform, Sweet Automation, we have a highly potent foundation for further development in AI, aimed at managing proprietary data, meaning data that exists within your organization and that your company specifically needs to understand and handle efficiently. We see tremendous gains for your customers by utilizing this platform, both in terms of regulatory compliance and in a controlled way of automating manual processes. Or, instead of programming new features into your existing systems, adding these processes outside the systems through Sweet Automation.

We have conducted several “proof of concepts” with exciting results. Together with customers who can participate in testing and innovation, we hope to release products that complement our platform during the year.

What do we want at Sweet?

We have three overarching objectives related to our goals, which we aim to provide to our customers through our operations:

  1. Empowering business people: Our first goal is to enable business-oriented individuals to manage our platform and customize it without the need for IT assistance or our intervention. This approach ensures maximum flexibility for our customers.
  2. Automation of business processes: We strive to assist you in automating your business processes and tasks through our intelligent solutions for digitization and automation. Our goal is to help streamline your operations for increased efficiency.
  3. Seamless integration and implementation: Our platforms are designed to be as user-friendly as possible, making them easy to integrate with, implement, and work in. We aim to ensure that using our solutions is a smooth and hassle-free experience.

We employ various methods to offer these three components, ensuring that Sweet’s offerings remain attractive, competitive, and relevant to our customers.

What's next?

We are approaching the winter release with great excitement, and here’s a sneak peek of what you can expect in the upcoming release of Sweet:

Fresh look for Sweet CRM and Sweet Forms

New rebranded CRM and Forms
Change is in the air, and Sweet’s platform is getting a fresh new look! Our team has worked diligently on a rebranding initiative to provide you with a visually appealing and intuitive interface. Experience a refreshed layout that not only aligns with the latest Sweet colors and logo but also enhances the overall user experience. Get ready to explore a more sleek and modern Sweet.

Sweet Forms: Create re-usable general texts

Sweet Forms General texts
One of the prominent features in the upcoming update of Sweet Forms is the introduction of general text blocks for forms. This means more control and customization in one place. Customize your forms effortlessly with generic text blocks and ensure consistent and streamlined content across multiple forms. They can be used for contract text, footnotes, or other commonly used text. By simplifying the customization process, these generic settings promise to enhance the efficiency of form creation.

Sweet CRM: Time report

We have further developed our time reporting function, which is now integrated with service bookings, projects, and work orders.

Sweet Forms: Dynamic answer from list

We are introducing a game-changer for those with many form responses, especially when the answer options are numerous and may change over time. We call it “dynamic answers,” and it links answers to publicly available lists, such as fund lists, lists of countries, or perhaps employees. This powerful feature enables users to dynamically populate responses from lists in external sources. Say goodbye to static response options and embrace the flexibility of dynamic data. Whether you’re fetching data from databases, APIs, or other platforms, Sweet Forms allows you to create forms that dynamically adapt to changing information.

Do you want to know more?

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us, and together, we can discuss the future!



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