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Automation, and Digitalization. Our smart and stylish customer solutions streamline business processes in sales, support, marketing, onboarding, field service, case management, etc., and we have customers in many industries, from banking and finance to manufacturing.

We are constantly growing with our customers through implementations, business development, management, and continuous product development. At our office on Drottninggatan, overlooking Observatorielunden, you’ll find a wonderful, unpretentious team with an inclusive corporate culture and high ambition.

About the role

Sweet is expanding and now strengthening with another star among our developers.

In the role of senior developer, you will, together with business developers and project managers, work in well-composed customer teams and play a central technical role when we collectively design and develop new solutions for our customers and grow alongside them. You need to understand how integrations work and also have an eye for how we can strengthen the product and continuously build away and avoid legacy in the solutions.

What we are looking for

We are looking for you who have worked for a few years in the developer role, who have made some mistakes but also learned from them. You are comfortable working under conditions that require some flexibility, but where there is also an understanding of the need for focused time. The role assumes a high degree of responsibility and communication.

You are well-versed in Microsoft environments, an expert in SQL server and C#, .NET; but have also worked with HTML, CSS, jQuery-JavaScript. You also have experience with system integrations, Azure cloud, database applications, migration, windows services, Rest technology, etc.

At Sweet, we communicate in both Swedish and English, but since many of our customers require you to be proficient in Swedish in speech and writing, a high professional level in the Swedish language is a requirement.

Timeline at Sweet

The first weeks are spent on the introduction program where, besides meeting different people at your new workplace, you are introduced to our vision, meet our founders, go through our methods, and learn about the solutions we provide to our customers, etc. The goal is for you to get a picture of who we are and how we work.

During the first and second month, you work on a couple of projects and join the project group and the way of working. You work alongside a colleague to more easily integrate into the job.

After three to four months, you have 3-4 customers you work with, and you learn a lot. Projects are carried out remotely, at our office, and at the customer’s location. You take on more and more responsibility.

After about six months, you are settled in and naturally take a role in driving our customers and our business area forward.

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