Application Consultant with focus on implementation

We are looking for a person who is passionate about implementing innovative software within CRM, Automation and Digitalization. You will have a central role in an innovative and tight implementation team. Together with the project team, you will carry out implementations, maintenance and upgrades of Sweet’s SaaS products together with our customers. You will participate in the planning of individual projects and coordination between different projects that we run in parallel.

We like ideas and yours will be valued, and you can be involved in influencing how and what we develop. We expect you to take a lot of personal responsibility and eventually become a key person among our implementation consultats.

The work is constantly changing, and you like to keep up with the latest trends and technologies. Sweet develop smart and stylish solutions that streamline the work of sales, support and marketing departments. We at Sweet automate and digitize companies that work with everything from mountain trips to bank accounts.

Our most popular solutions are Sweet One – CRM and case management, Sweet Automation – automated business processes, Sweet Forms – digital forms and Digital Customer – automation and digitization support for, for example, onboarding processes. We are growing rapidly and have customers all over the world.


You are a tech person, but not necessarily a developer. You are interested in implementing systems at customers and improving the users’ everyday life. You feel at home in Microsoft environments; Azure as well as servers – and have experience in configuring and customizing software systems. You are a social team player who is good at communicating. You are responsible, positive, and willing to participate in creative discussions with both colleagues and customers. It is important that you can take your own initiative and are not afraid to share your thoughts.

We work in Azure DevOps, and on a daily basis, you will communicate in Swedish and English, therefore, proficiency in Swedish and English at a professional level is a requirement.

What it means to work at Sweet

The team: We are a great social group with lots of energy and ideas.

The customers: Our customers are often well-known brands with high ambitions and exciting solutions.

The products: Are at the forefront and constantly develop with our new visions.

Please send us your CV and preferably a personal letter. For questions about the position, please contact Daniel Äng at or 0733-80 20 15. We look forward to hearing from you.

Our office is located at Odenplan in Stockholm.

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