Swedish Ice Hockey Association

The Swedish Ice Hockey Association has experienced significant success with its events in recent years, thanks to improved marketing through Sweet Automation and Sweet CRM. The results speak for themselves: an 80% increase in the customer database, over 10,000 new club members, and more than 2.5 million marketing emails sent. With cost-effective marketing activities, the association has been able to communicate more effectively and personally with its supporters, which has increased engagement and contributed to their success.


80 %
Increased customer database
10 000
New club members
Sent marketing emails

Starting point

The Swedish Ice Hockey Association needs to continuously communicate with athletes, coaches, and clubs, as well as effectively reach out to sponsors and hockey enthusiasts.

To increase engagement around hockey, personalized, interactive, and relevant communication is required. The association also conducts sales-related activities, both ongoing and intensively in connection with various tournaments and events.

Sales occur through the webshop and via sponsor sales.

In summary, there are many stakeholders, and communication occurs with different purposes and content. Therefore, an advanced technical platform that supports these needs is essential.


As with many companies and organizations, it is a challenge to collect and manage data from different systems. But it’s not just a matter of technology. It is equally important to manage information with completely different characteristics, in this case, customers, sponsors, supporters, clubs, teams, and volunteers. Handling sensitive information securely is an absolute must, as is consent and personal data management. Another challenge was to centralize information in one place. An athlete can simultaneously be a supporter or a coach. A customer can be a sponsor. It is therefore necessary to present detailed “customer profiles” to create a comprehensive view of the total relationship, including their history and memberships. This compilation of extensive customer data was crucial to understanding and meeting each customer’s individual needs and preferences.


Thanks to Sweet, the Swedish Ice Hockey Association can now collect and refine information from various sources. The solution provides a clearly structured overview of engagement, purchase history, and the origins of the information.

Effectively segmenting target groups offers optimized support for marketing direction, making it more precise and personalized.

The customer profiles in the system detail aspects such as purchases and communication, showing how customers interact.

This functionality facilitates the entire marketing effort and provides valuable insights into customer engagement, click rates, conversion rates, and the overall effectiveness of marketing campaigns.


The Swedish Ice Hockey Association has implemented the following platforms:

Sweet Automation: Functions both as an integration engine and a process engine that creates workflows and compiles information. The tool is also used to manage email campaigns and personalized marketing. Ready-made workflows for each target group are available to quickly and easily create targeted mailings. Even specific types of mailings are simple and quick to produce because all the data is gathered in one place.

Sweet CRM: Stores all customer information, including source, customer engagement, and completed purchases. It also tracks what communication has been done for each customer and how each customer has interacted.

Customer satisfaction and increased communication with our supporters have been central. We can now target our marketing much more precisely than before. Clear value propositions and offers have contributed to our successes. In recent years, we have had great success with our events, including fan festivals at the Beijer Hockey Games, the World Junior Championship, and national team matches across the country, largely thanks to better and more targeted marketing with Sweet Systems.
- Jesper Björck Marketing Manager at the Swedish Ice Hockey Association

About Marketing Manager at the Swedish Ice Hockey Association

The Swedish Ice Hockey Association was founded in 1922 and has since been a leading force in Swedish sports, promoting ice hockey at all levels. The core values – Togetherness, Passion, and Responsibility – reflect a commitment to collaboration, a passion for ice hockey, and a responsibility for inclusive and fair play. The goal is to make ice hockey Sweden’s most engaging sport and to maintain its position as one of the most successful ice hockey nations. The association emphasizes the importance of creating joy and community for everyone involved, from players to fans.


Together with the Swedish Ice Hockey Association, we have a common goal: to create more personalized and enhanced customer experiences. By using data from Sweet Automation, we can tailor customer journeys for each individual. Additionally, we plan to optimize the use of our marketing module to strengthen the association’s marketing efforts. Our overarching goal is to increase customer engagement and deepen the relationship between the Ice Hockey Association and their customers.