Delivery tracking app for Betongindustri increases the value in the customer relations.


Betongindustri was facing a critical moment in their delivery service. If the concrete is not delivered on time, it becomes useless – this leads to both losing time and money. Betongindustri can now keep track of the deliveries in real-time and improve the customer service.

Betongindustri, a member of the HeidelbergCement Group, is a major supplier of ready-mixed concrete and related services. A typical challenge that Betongindustri and their customers are facing is the critical moment of delivery. At the customer site, the truck driver needs to be sharp on time and the staff must be ready to receive the concrete. Any delay of delivery could create costs for both the Betongindustri and for the customer.

Solution & result

“Being able to offer customers a user-friendly mobile tool through which one can communicate delivery status and estimated time of arrival automatically and in real time, it will minimize lead times and at the same time create trust between the cooperating companies.

To go beyond this and offer customers a tool to access product information, training and contact information allows Betongindustri to create a great value in the relationship with customers. In addition to this Betongindustri also offers customers a mobile interface to enable the ordering of additional services, which increases the business value and sales while customers experience a smooth and easy buying process.

I grunden ligger Betongindustris produktions- och orderhanteringssystem ur vilket data hämtas och kommuniceras till kunden genom Sweets mobila plattform. I ett administrationsgränssnitt hanteras vilka kontakter hos kunderna som skall se vilken information.”
– Niclas Öfverström

Project manager, Sweet Systems


The concrete industry is a market leader and supplier of factory-made concrete to the construction industry and individuals. Our operations are spread from Skåne in the south to Östersund in the north. We have around 200 employees and headquarters in Stockholm.