A sneak peek at our new UI

Ready for a sneak peek?

At the beginning of autumn, we launched Sweet’s new visual identity. A more playful and updated profile that matches Sweet as a company. Throughout the fall, we have worked on implementing this new identity in our platform. The rebranding of Sweet Forms and Sweet CRM is first in line, and the first version of the new user interface is coming now in our winter release.

The idea behind the new design

The platform design reflects Sweet’s identity without detracting from the tasks our users perform daily. Making the platform clearer and more intuitive is important for our users to work more efficiently. Overall, we have made the interface softer, more modern, and more harmonious for a delightful experience.

A spectrum from blue to pink

Sweet’s new color palette ranges in a spectrum from techy blue to warm peach. The blue color is used for navigation and selection, peach for icons, and purple for help elements. All colors are tied together in a gradient that serves as the background.

Accessibility is important to us

All new colors obviously follow the accessibility directives’ contrast requirements. We have added icons and texts to clarify. We have also improved accessibility through expanded clickable areas and clearer indications.

Easier to find

We have clarified navigation throughout to make it easier to see where in the platform you are. The gray side menu and top bar have been given a new look and improved functionality. The top bar in the form of a playful gradient where we have clarified where the links go and how you find your profile settings. The search function has been given a more user-friendly flow. The side menu has a clearer visualization of active choices and a tree structure for the submenus.

Sweet Forms

We have spent time improving navigation for Sweet Forms. The side menu has a clearer structure and improved functionality in the form of an expanded click area for drag & drop, clearer page structure, and clearer indication. Under settings, we have updated the menu to a dropdown menu grouped for faster navigation. The visibility rules have also been given an improved design for easier use. The Form Flow has also been given an updated delightful design.

Sweet CRM

For Sweet CRM we have created a more modern design for everything from buttons to action fields. All elements have softer corners, lighter shadows, and clearer indications. The Case module, used by many of our customers, has received some extra love.

Sweet, right?

Get ready to explore a more stylish and modern Sweet in conjunction with the winter release.

Contact us if you want to know more!