A Warm Christmas Greeting from our CEO Klas-Magnus


A Warm Christmas Greeting from our CEO Klas-Magnus

Hello to all our amazing customers, partners, and colleagues!

In Stockholm, the snow stayed on the ground for quite a while, but now that it’s melted, we’re hoping for a white Christmas. 😊 It would be a nice change from a summer in Sweden that was really up and down

After 23 years, we sold Releye. This marks a new era for me, my co-founders, owners, and colleagues. Now, we are solely Sweet – stronger than ever. With over 55 talents in Stockholm and Prague, we’ve built a solid foundation with fantastic customers and collaborations. This year, we’ve expanded our product development and welcomed new colleagues in both Stockholm and Prague. Thanks to them, our products have reached more customers and partners, providing us with valuable feedback to build upon.

The year has been one of growth on the customer side, where we’ve welcomed new customers and started exciting collaborations. Every new customer has become an important part of our ever-growing community. For our existing customers, we have continued to deliver and develop projects that really make a difference.

Our first AI applications are being tested and developed. Incredibly challenging and exciting as they also fit perfectly into our automation strategy. But it doesn’t end there. Throughout the year, we’ve had fantastic opportunities to interact and network with our customers through various initiatives.

Events: Through notable events and interactive webinars, we have deepened our relationships with you. These were not just meetings, but also a chance for those who participated to dive deeper into our product development and create valuable networks. These moments have been invaluable for idea exchange and collaboration.

So, don’t forget to keep an eye on the web, in your email, or on social media; more invitations to future events and webinars are on the way. We look forward to continuing our journey together with you. After the turn of the year, we will present new product releases – hope to see you then!

And!! We’ve given our company a facelift – and I’m not just talking about a new hairstyle! – It’s new colors, fonts, and shapes that will permeate our entire profile, even in the products. Take a peek at our website – hope you like it?

And now – to all of you 😊. Here’s a sneak peek at the Hilberth’s Christmas table: think malt bread dipped in the pot, homemade herring salad, freshly boiled red cabbage, strong mustard, and juicy spare ribs. That’s what awaits after the first plate of herring.

A big thank you to all of you for your fantastic support and collaboration.

Wishing you a magical Christmas! With warmth and Christmas spirit, Klas-Magnus