Have a Sweet summer

Klas-Magnus, Sweet’s CEO and co-founder, would like to share a few words with all of our customers, potential customers, partners, employees, and newsletter subscribers as we approach the upcoming summer. Sweet’s annual summer greeting!


Many summer greetings on the internet. Can you get ChatGPT to write one? No, that doesn’t feel right, does it!? But surely the questions surrounding AI have taken on an existential touch among the general public this year. And maybe it’s not so surprising. Intelligence, along with cooperation and teaching, is something we associate with being human. Or what does being human really mean?

We also see different attitudes towards this old-new technology. Some say that we Europeans are so far behind that it challenges our position in the world. Tired of all these texts and alarm reports about AI? Perhaps, but I believe that regardless of age, we humans constantly need to learn new areas on an individual level. Learning and observing what there is to see is a good start to developing your own understanding. There is plenty to read on the internet but also many podcasts that are perfect for summer listening. AI Sweden has a good podcast.

For those who want to learn how we humans think and act and then consider what an AI would do, I suggest Nobel laureate Daniel Kahneman’s book “Thinking, Fast and Slow.” I have listened to it several times. Fantastic narrator. Expect a cavalcade of insights for those who haven’t read it. In my view, every high school student should go through it.

So now that the holiday season is here, my tip is to take the opportunity to gain new insights through reading (or listening) 😊

Happy summer,