We welcome Erik Lind as new Head of Product and Delivery at Sweet Systems

Erik Lind has been appointed Head of Product and Delivery at Sweet Systems since March 8th.

Erik has a wealth of experience within the finance sector and with leading development of new, technical solutions. He joins us having worked at Bluestep Bank since the company’s inception in a multitude of roles, amongst them a 10-year stint as CIO. Erik will focus on accelerating the development of Sweet’s existing- and future product portfolio.

“I felt drawn to working for a smaller company, one in a high-growth phase, and the choice fell on Sweet. A well-managed company with a successful customer- and product portfolio. The products have been developed in close cooperation with the customer-base over a long time and are specifically designed to help businesses automate- and digitize their customer-processes."

“What excites me is that Sweet’s customers are able, with Sweet’s solutions, to develop their own business-critical processes with an ever smaller reliance on technical resources. A super-user can use low-code features to customize the interface to suit existing processes and expand the areas in which the systems provide value.“

A warm welcome to Erik!