KIA create a more efficient onboarding- and contract management process using automated flows.


Kia had a need to create a more efficient process for handling their framework agreements for their many resellers all around Sweden. Previously creating a contract with B2B customers was a paper-and-pen project, often requiring several peoples physical signatures and personal data.

In order to improve their process they identified the need to automate the following: 

  • Data-collection in regards to company group structure and company-data.
  • Information about the customer’s car fleet, both KIAs and the total, which is the basis for both expansion potential and how the discount is calculated.
  • Automated process for resellers to distribute contracts to headquarters for review and forward them to the end-customer.

Solution & result

The starting point was to simplify data management and create a smooth- & efficient process for onboarding new B2B customers with an automated contract-flow.

Thanks to Sweet’s Digital Forms all Kia resellers can now finalize the onboarding- and contract process from start to finish, all in the same digital flow.

A business intelligence system was integrated into the flow and using an automated logic the companies in the CRM are automatically populated with data, for example with the company group structure in real-time. This gives their resellers all the data they need to close an opportunity. All the relevant information is gathered in one place and using the contract flow they can easily send the agreement to the correct recipients and to be signed in the desired order.

Through the cooperation with Sweet and Scrive the following outcomes were achieved:

Through the cooperation with Sweet and Scrive the following outcomes were acheived: Shorter lead-times for contact signing. Contracts can now in theory be signed within minutes after being sent – in practise they are most times signed within 24 hours.

Compare this to earlier when paper-contracts often would take several weeks to get signed as they would have to travel by post back-and-forth!

Contract managers at Kia Sweden save several hours every week in reduced administration.

  • A fully digital flow for framework agreements
  • More efficient onboarding with customized flows
  • Automatic e-signing and contact status overview
  • Ability to give discounts based on data-insights
  • Minimize manual input of data into systems (previous manual errors over 10%)
  • Maintain compliance with company policies internally
Our cooperation with Sweet and Scrive have resulted in us developing a highly efficient process for handling framework agreement which is saving time for both us and our administrators. And not to be forgotten: our customers love it!
Martin Fossum Fleet Sales Manager, Kia Sweden


Kia Corporation was founded in 1944 and is the longest operating producers of motorvehicles. Today they are a part of Hyundai Motor Group who are the worlds fifth largest motorvehicle producer.