Meet Joel – one of our developers in our customer team!

Meet one of our heroes at Sweet Systems!

Joel Hulander

In the digital world, where automation and efficiency are key, we at Sweet Systems are proud of our team of developers. These employees play a central role in automating processes and integrating systems for our clients, working with our products Sweet Forms, Sweet Automation, Sweet CRM, and Sweet Performance. Their work contributes to simplifying and improving our clients’ work lives. 

Today, we want to highlight one of our developers, Joel Hulander. Joel is an important part of our team, especially in the areas of Sweet Forms and Sweet Automation. He has extensive experience in both client implementations and product development, making him a valuable resource for us. 

What has your journey at Sweet looked like? 

When I started at Sweet, I was quickly included in various client projects. This contributed to me learning our products efficiently as I got to start implementing client solutions right away. After a few months, I began working with the product development of Sweet Automation, and today I work both in client projects and product development. This gives me a great mix of working in teams and individually. 

What does a typical workday look like for you? 

I work a lot on implementing integrations for clients and when I’m not working on client projects, I work on the product development of Sweet Automation. I usually focus more on the client projects at the beginning of the week and product development at the end, but new client orders often pop up during a workday. This means that no day is like the other which makes it fun and challenging. 

What does your work with clients look like? 

In my work with clients, I focus on the fact that each client is unique, which means that each project offers an opportunity to create something special. By working closely with the clients, I gain a deeper understanding of their specific needs and challenges. This allows me to design solutions that are tailored just for them. 

As a developer, I not only have technical competence, but I also act as a communicator who can translate the client’s vision into practical solutions. With my understanding of our products, I strive to create solutions that not only meet but exceed clients’ expectations. Every new project is an opportunity to create something unique and powerful for our clients. 

Which day is your favorite day of the week and why? 

Joel: My favorite day is Thursdays. That’s when we focus entirely on the product development of Sweet Automation. This day is special because we brainstorm together and develop new features. It’s satisfying to see these features contribute to our client implementations and make the solutions even more powerful.  

Speaking of product development – what’s next in Sweet Automation? 

Right now, I’m working on an integration with Microsoft Graph API, where customers will soon be able to save files directly in SharePoint or various Microsoft Teams channels. Since there’s a lot you can do with this API, this integration will continue to be developed to offer additional features for the customers to look forward to! 

A constant quest for improvement 

At Sweet Systems, we are convinced that there is always room for improvement. Our developers therefore continuously explore new technologies and methods to keep our products and services at the forefront. This makes us a reliable partner for our clients, who know they can trust us to deliver the latest and best solutions. 

In summary, our developers at Sweet Systems are the real heroes behind our clients’ automated processes and integrations. With Sweet Forms and Sweet Automation in the hands of our technical experts, companies can simplify their workflows and increase their efficiency. We are proud to have such a fantastic team and look forward to continuing to create innovative solutions together. 

Thank you, Joel! 

Sweet Forms – for smoother workflows 

Sweet Forms is one of our flagship products that simplify and improve our clients’ workflows. Our developers have worked hard to develop a solution that makes it easy to create and manage digital forms. Whether it’s simple contact forms or more complex processes, our clients can rely on Sweet Forms to quickly collect and analyze data. Our developer team, including Joel, is constantly engaged in improving and expanding Sweet Forms and Sweet Automation to meet our clients’ needs. 

Sweet Automation – the engine behind automation 

Sweet Automation is the heart of our business and our developers are its unseen heroes. This automation engine is central to many of the processes and integrations that make our clients’ work lives and processes smoother. With Sweet Automation, we can create customized automation flows that help companies save time and resources. Our developer team is constantly looking for new ways to improve and expand Sweet Automation to meet the changing needs in a rapidly changing technological world. 

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