Track your performance in Sweets new dashboard tool! Read it all about how you can connect multiple data sources and visualize it by building your own dashboards and charts easily.


  • Get data from other sources, this new feature enables real-time data validation as well as customer experience where known information can be pre-filled. Get the data from your CRM or an external information provider.
  • Better user interface for E-signing functionality using drag-and-drop for settings.


Field service support is now extended!  New features in short are

  • time-reporting for work orders
  • Add and create an article and price book register

DIY support for customizing the user interface with ”external blocks” in the platform.


  • REST API to send or get data, you can also integrate with any swagger-enabled REST API without any development needed.
  • PDF creator and Kivra integration: New action to create PDFs with dynamic content, and if you like it could be sent to for example Kivra, using our new Kivra action.
  • Roaring integration: Use an information provider to provide you with company or personal information in a click!
  • E-signing with Scrive can not be automated, so you do not have to send out documents manually – and this new action allows you to create your own rules of what should be the process both before and after signing.

Corrections and more!

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