Welcome to Sweet Jenny!

Sweet continues to grow and hire new skilled people – meet our new project manager – Jenny Carlsson Ståbi.


Why Sweet Systems?
Sweet as a company matches what I studied at the university: digitalization, automation and digital solutions. I also find it exciting to be able to work close to the customer and help them at a detailed level. The fact that Sweet is such a multicultural company was another positive surprise.

What did you do before working at Sweet?
I previously studied computer science at Stockholm University. After that I worked at a company called Clear Channel for a year where I was a system administrator. Later, I studied a Master´s degree in Media Management at KTH focusing on project management and digital strategy.

Why did you choose this field of education?
First of all, I think that IT is very future-oriented and, therefore, this education seems very promising. It is also a broad education which makes it easier if you do not really know what you want to work with. But above all this, IT and digital strategy is something that I am very interested in.

What are your job expectations?
I expect it to be fun, varied and educational. I hope that I will learn a lot about different companies and how they overcome their obstacles. I would like to learn all the technical aspects of the Sweet product of course. Furthermore, I am looking forward to work at a great company where I will have the opportunity to develop as a project manager.

How is your job so far?
Very well, it has been incredibly interesting but at the same time a lot to take in. I have been to many introductory meetings, as well as to some internal and external meetings. Overall, I have got a good impression of everyone and it already feels like I am part of the gang!

Welcome to Sweet Jenny!