Meet our system developer  Joao

Role: System developer / Software Architect 

Education: Bachelor degree in Information Systems and Masters degree in Information Systems and Science

Joao Bentes

System developer at Sweet

What is the best thing about your job as a system developer? 

The best thing about my job is that I get to be innovative in everything I do. As most of us developers I like challenges and I am eager to always learn more. To have the possibility to do this every day is something I really cherish.

How is it like to work at Sweet? 

I really like it, I have a lot of freedom in my work and I always have my voice heard. The team is open to discuss solutions. Currently at Sweet we’re in the middle of a major transformation on our product in terms of technology, software architecture and development software methodology. Every member of the team has been part of that transformation, which give us the chance to not only learn new things on a daily basis, but also to help the business to delivery value to our customer. This is what I really like working at Sweet.


What made you choose Sweet? 

One of the reasons why I chose Sweet was because I love innovation. When I had my interviews with Bodil and Peter they told me that Sweet needed to change and that they were looking for people who could be a part of this journey. They were looking on how they can modernize the product and the company by for example being cloud-first and use cutting edge technology and, therefore, they were forming a team that could help them and be a part of this journey. Since I have always wanted to create new things and since I like challenges this really got me interested in applying. Also, I could feel that they had a strong will to change and this is a big reason to why I chose Sweet, to be a part of the team and the journey.  


What do you do on your spare time?  

I’m a volunteer in a research project in my hometown, which is called Santarém, in Brazil. This is a project of Computational Intelligence Lab (Labic), which is part of the Federal University of West of Para (UFOPA). There I supervise a couple of students that are developing an IoT (Internet of Things) Platform to monitor the performance of solar panels installed in communities that are far away from the city and have hard times to get electricity. I just love to be part of a project that helps the community that I come from.