Sweet Performance

Build your own dashboards and take your company to the next level
– no coding or designing skills are required

Share data visualizations and cooperate with both team members and customers 

Real-time insights that matter to your organization

Dashboards for sales, customer support, marketing, finance or dev ops organizations

Share insights with your team

Decide which dashboards can be accessed by other team members. Easily use the different levels of permissions to suit your needs.

Types of visualization

Build and customize your dashboards in a fast and easy way. Visualizing growth in sales report or tracking digital marketing performance was never this simple. Choose from a variety of chart types to present your data in a professionall and understandable way.

Choose from bar, combo or pie charts to tables, gauges and much more.

Connect data from different datasources: Sweet Automation, Excel files or Azure DevOps.

Analyze the data


   Data: Choose data from Sweet, Excel files or Azure DevOps

   Filter: Present selected information based on specific criteria

   Pivot: Summarize the data in a more extensive way

   Custom styling: Use your brand colours in your data visualization

   Fully responsive: Flexible and responsive on every device – desktop, tablet and mobile

   Collaboration: Share insights with your team at any time

Add, resize, reorder or delete components

Create customized dashboards in just a few clicks with an intuitive drag and drop interface.

Adjust the size of each component by dragging the right corner, it will automatically resize and fit your screen.

The possibility to add different styles on every component can make your dashboards not only professional but also unique.

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