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Bank & Insurance

Over 60 % of onboarding processes are not completed due to the fact that it takes too long and requires too much of the customer. One of the results of today’s digital society is that consumers have come to expect efficiency and simple processes when signing up to become a customer or when purchasing access to new services. Businesses that fail to deliver an efficient process for customer sign-up and onboarding face a big problem – could-be customers don’t finalize the sign-up process and end up doing business with competitors instead!

So how then does one maintain compliance with rules and regulations while also offering a world-class customer experience? How does one minimize the administrative costs and achieve time-efficiency? By automating the customer-oriented processes, you get the right conditions to meet the customer's needs while the business can scale up.

Thanks to Sweet Digital Customer, our customers have so far achieved: 

Lower supplements when onboarding

Faster deliveries for digital interactions

Increased conversions when onboarding new customers

Number of hours that our customers save on average each month

Digital Customer
Bank & Finance

Companies active within the Banking and Finance have a constant need for keeping their data up-to-date and maintaining compliance with rules and regulations imposed on the sector. New regulations are implemented and old rules change with the times. New companies regularly enter the market and offer the end-consumer new, simple ways to both borrow and save money. Customer-centric companies with a focus on automation and digital presence are better equipped to offer a smooth customer-experience and as a result continue to win marketshare from more traditional actors.

Sweet Digital Customer offers support for, among other things:

  • Faster/More efficient onboarding of new customers 
  • Digital ‘Power of Attourney’ process 
  • KYC 
  • Correct information about end-beneficiary and PEP 
  • AML

Digital Customer
Pension & Insurance

Many businesses in pension and insurance today work with manual processes with many steps. Paper handling in large volumes requires a lot of administrative work and risks falling between the cracks. By digitizing the working method, it enables reduced lead times, more satisfied staff and a better experience for the customer. With Sweet digital customer you can manage processes such as:

With Sweet Digital Customer you can manage processes such as:

    • Move with digital forms, automated with the support of Sweet's case management  
    • Signing of Company Agreements  
    • Personnel lists   
    • Fund investments   
    • Health declarations   
    • With many more areas   


In combination with our standard integrations such as Roaring to download principals and signatories directly in our form without having to develop. At the end of the process you can easily connect with an e-signature via our partners Signicat & Scrive.


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